Expanding Energy Field: 777 Portal and Capricorn Full Moon

Are you ready for more Sirius shifts? It’s been an intense year but July is likely to prove the most intense so far. It promises to be filled with highs and lows but if we can maintain a focus on the highs, it will make the lows more manageable. 

You might be wondering what the heck is going on this year? It started out so optimistically! It felt like abundant new beginnings where right around the corner and then things started to feel as if they were moving further and further away instead of getting closer. Then May seemed like a turning point only for June to feel heavy and stuck. 

I’ll explain. Our energetic fields are going through major adjustments in order to align with source energy. Last year I channeled a message from Isis (https://twinstrology.com/isis-transmission-2022-year-of-free-will/) who said that going forward, we no longer had to participate in karma cycles but could choose to align with source at the zero point of creation in order to experience a more loving, peaceful and harmonious reality. 

Many of you have chosen this path and are in the transition period. This means you’ve been working on creating a more balanced emotional and mental state. The imbalances themselves are the result of karmic cycles which imprint us with negative emotions and irrational thoughts that act has chains to patterns we struggle to break free of. 

We’ve had several rounds of energetic changes already this year. The shifts are activated when a planet or asteroid crosses Sirius, the great central sun, at 14 degrees of Cancer. The biggest shift of the year already happened at the Taurus New Moon in May when Venus crossed Sirius. That created an activation of the feminine energy to start severing energetic cords still connected to the old karmic system. 

As the feminine within everyone goes through this disengagement with the old system it expands the heart chakra. The heart creates a toroidal field of electromagnetic energy that aligns us with source and the zero point. This is an extremely positive and significant shift connected to the 777 portal because the effect will be that our energy field is expanding and becoming more powerful! As we clear the karmic energy we become more aligned with source because we are less aligned with our ego. We surrender to God/Goddess and our souls blue print. We are able to stay at the zero point for longer periods. 

In conjunction with this change, the auric field and chakra system is being cleared out so it can be upgrade. There are many things that can impact our energy system and you might be receiving guidance about something that is affecting your field that needs attention. 

Some possible issues are:

-Perforated aura

-Debris in aura or chakra

-Energy leak in aura or chakra

-Karmic cords

-Negative ET cords

-Trapped emotions

-Generational curses

-Unresolved trauma from this or other lifetime

At the Capricorn Full Moon on July 3, we are receiving activations that will continue to exert these energetic changes. The activations will last until after the 777 portal. The cause of the activations are the Sun and Mercury crossing Sirius. You may want to take it slow this coming week because you could be feeling tired or emotional. If you are connecting to alternate timelines through travel or people this could intensify things. Those sensitive to energy might be feeling old energy being released from the chakras.

The more we are aligned with source, the easier it becomes to manifest. I mentioned at the beginning that part of us knows that something big is happening but it’s confusing because everything seems stuck. It’s simply that we have to ground these changes before everything starts to appear. We are becoming more magnetic to all that is aligned with our path.

We are unplugging from the old systems but as we do still unresolved issues are purging. The biggest unresolved issue is separation and by it’s very nature when it’s exposed it feels as if it is ours alone but we must remember that it is the core wound of humanity and held collectively. 

These changes are part of healing separation. We’re going to feel the connection to our higher self and source more than we ever have. When we feel that, we know we aren’t alone. This is the missing piece to separation. 

Plus, we are going to deepen our connection to each other. We interact with each other energetically all the time. We exchange information through our fields. We’ve already seen an increase in telepathy and that’s going to continue to get stronger. 

Our energy fields are becoming more powerful and this can affect others in a positive way. You’ve probably experienced connecting with someone in a negative energy. Chances are they had a negative affect on you. The same is true for positive energy. Our energy is shifting because we are able to maintain positivity longer and that will have a positive affect on those around us, helping to elevate their consciousness. There will be less interference with our energy because it’s being strengthened. Eventually, this is going to help bring people together and end the polarity we’ve been experiencing. 

While the old system is disintegrating and the new system is coming online we have one foot in each. It feels weird. You know things are shifting and all signs are pointing to major positive change but on the material level things appear stuck. We can oscillate between the old and new a lot and that is bringing emotional ups and downs. We’re in unknown territory and that can create unease. 

Give yourself a break. It’s all right to be experiencing emotions, even those hard to deal with ones like anger and grief. Mourn the loss of the old if you need to. Trust in your divine plan and release attachments to what you think should happen. Fearlessly allow love to flow through you and you will find yourself on a bright new path very soon! 

Written by Marla Kelly@Twinstrology

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2 Comments on “Expanding Energy Field: 777 Portal and Capricorn Full Moon”

  1. Thank you Marla 🙏💖😊i have totally surrendered to God and realised i only have control over myself and my life. Signs and synchs are pumping but knowing new beginnings related to physical union is out of my hands. Exciting as the divine has a big surprise for all of us💖staying positive, listening to my intuition following my soul and spreading love wherever i go

  2. Thank you so much, Marla. You speak about things that are important for me to hear and you say them in such a way that I can take them in. All that you share also helps give me a sense of community and knowing that others are experiencing similar things. Wishing you so many blessings. Sent with love.

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