Full Moon Releasing Prayer


At this full moon, I AM releasing all that is not in alignment with my greatest and highest good.

I AM choosing to be free. I AM choosing an end to karma by forgiving everyone who has wronged me and asking forgiveness of all whom I have wronged, in all dimensions, on all timelines: past, present and future.

I release all beliefs, persons and situations, that attempt to blind me to my wholeness and power in all dimensions, on all timelines: past, present and future.

I AM releasing all that distracts me from my life’s purpose, has planned by my soul prior to this incarnation. I willingly let go of all that no longer serves my greatest and highest good in all dimensions, on all timelines: past, present and future.

I AM releasing all beliefs, persons and situations, that have prevented me from seeing the array of abundance and opportunities that continuously flow to me. I AM ready to receive it NOW and allow all I desire to come to me.

I accept control of the circumstances of my life, at the same time surrendering to your divine will. I gratefully receive and accept your guidance.

There is nothing that can prevent me from moving forward.

I claim my sovereignty.

I AM free.

And so it is.

Written in love,

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  1. Thank you for this. Just used it after setting out my crystals to have their full moon bath. Love and Light ✨

  2. Heather Gilmartin 12 12 2019 at 5 15 full moon blessed be namista xx thank you xx 16 o1 58 capricorn x

  3. I have been using this prayer since February 2019 on every full moon I go to the back yard and light candles write on post-it notes all the things I want to release burn them and drop them into a pot.

    I look up at the moon and say this prayer sometimes aloud some times in my head. After that I dance and rejoice that this is so.

    Fast forward to lockdown and I have never felt more free.
    Love abundance compassion and happiness abides both in me around me.

    Thank you

  4. Thank you for this WONDERFUL transforming
    Prayer. It speaks to my soul.May the Divine who is sovereign over all always guide you into greater.

    1. All you have to do is recite that prayer. You can make it has simple or complicated has suits you. For example, just read it or read it to the full moon while standing under it. Light a candle, read it and then meditate on the moon. Another good thing to do at the full moon is write a list of things you’d like to release and then burn it under the full moon before or after this prayer. Blessings.

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