Gemini New Moon Astro Forecast for Light Workers, Starseeds and Twin Flames

The Gemini New Moon on June 13th, continues the process begun at the stargate opening during the Sagittarius Full Moon. We continue to clear karmic patterns around projections, perceptions and programs, letting go of that which has limited us in the past. As we ascend we are moving out of 3D duality consciousness and expanding into multidimensional consciousness, where anything is possible. As we move more into our hearts and our ability to manifest through our hearts our perceptions of reality need to expand to allow us to embrace a multitude of different truths that at first glance may appear chaotic but when it is done in the vibration of love, one cohesive reality is formed. We all have a different journey, yet we are all one. If we desire to live authentically in our truth then we must also learn to allow others to live authentically in their truth, while the mind will fight against such a concept, the heart understands it. This understanding will ultimately allow us to heal conflicts and communication.

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