Healing the Separation Wound

Last year twin flames began to shift old timelines that reinforced separation programming. Both masculine and feminine have repressed emotions blocking the heart chakra.

For the masculine, the emotional block is guilt. They blame themselves for past lifetimes of grief and loss making them subconsciously resistant to union.

For the feminine, the emotional block was betrayal. While on the surface many feminine twins thought they had forgiven their twin, for both past and current life issues, because the masculine self was repressing emotions, the totality of what needed forgiveness was not being seen.

Twin flames are making good progress on this, though it’s not resolved yet. The reason it’s shifting has to do with the relationship of the masculine and feminine within.

The masculine within is afraid to feel the repressed pain of abandonment without the feminine holding the space of unconditional love. The inner feminine is afraid to love unconditionally because of the fear that abandonment will occur again.

This spring and summer we are really down in the trenches trying to resolve this. You will know you have turned a corner regarding the separation wound when your inner feminine has forgiven yourself enough that you can hold unconditional love, not just for your twin but for others as well. This allows the masculine to feel safe enough to feel what was being repressed. The masculine part of us needs to know they are forgiven to allow the emotions, and therefore the heart chakra, to flow. It’s a completely symbiotic relationship.

When the inner process advances, it will anchor in the external masculine and feminine and begin to pave they way for physical union. If you are feeling emotional, let them flow! This is key. Some of you will know the past life scenarios, some of you will not but either way, the emotions need to be released.

The other important piece is activating the feminine for unconditional love. This is done by healing your relationships with the divine Father/Mother. Only source can lead us through this shift and into union.



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