Healing Your Divine Masculine

“The inner Masculine and Inner Feminine need each other. When they are in good inner relationship with us, we feel like healthy, whole human beings. We are able to live as ourselves in the world in a relatively peaceful, creative, and enjoyable way. When there is damage to the Inner Masculine, there is difficulty in standing up for our truths, in knowing what our truths and values are, and in knowing how to protect them without feeling like we have to fight constantly just to be allowed to be ourselves. We might also feel that unless others see things as we do, we have no power, and then have to fight to dominate others, manipulating them to our point of view.

The Inner Masculine part of us often needs healing so that He can fulfill his divine purpose of inner strength, protection and honoring of the self in all its uniqueness, so that we can live as free, strong individuals that know who they are and are happy to just love and be that person-and allow others to do the same. This will happen at any time He is asked to hold more consciousness, to hold permission and strength to be even more of the unique Self. The masculine and feminine within us need to be in balance with each other. There is no point having a powerful feminine-with unique values and strong creative force-without an equally strong masculine energy that is able to act upon those unique values, no matter what others may think, and take action to allow the creative force of the inner feminine to flow into form in the physical world. When your inner feminine is growing and desires to express her uniqueness in the world more boldly than ever before, the Inner Masculine needs to grow in self belief, self worth and self confidence so that he may take action to allow the blossoming Feminine to truly be in the world whilst feeling safe and secure.” ~Alana Fairchild

This is the energy that we are in right now. With Uranus’ shift into Taurus we are already feeling the energy I spoke about, where we NEED to be our unique selves. Our feminine wants to express her creativity but if your masculine energy is weak you will be struggling with the fear of allowing it. This relates to the clearing of the persecution timelines that I spoke about with Luisa Raso in our two videos regarding the High Priestess/Priest energy, because it is the power of that inner grounding of the Goddess/God that is shifting us to start taking ACTION with our knowledge in the world.

The large scale clearing we are in currently, with the Sag full Moon, is dumping all the old belief systems that want to keep you SMALL and holding onto the old programs of fear and doubt. Let them go. See the bigger picture right now. As we clear and come into this inner balance, we can jump so many timelines and free ourselves of so much baggage which will activate more of our light bodies.

And for those in divine unions, as within so without. If your inner feminine is strong, that will translate to your partner and as you raise your inner masculine, that allows them to access more of their masculine or vice versa, as your partner raises their DM or DF, it allows you to grow yours. In many cases, you can gauge how your partner is doing by accessing where you are in regards to your inner masculine/feminine because we are mirrors.

Let go of every limitation you can right now and you will expand every choice that is available to you.

Sorry but number 8 and 9 are cut of from the photo….they are
8. Deconstruct your conditioning around the masculine energy
9. Stand in a confident way
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