How to Handle Division in a Polarized World

The World is polarized right now and there are many reasons why this is happening. Collectively, it is through this polarized energy that we will purge out residual shadow that has been subconsciously buried for eons.

This year, which my guides have called The Great Purge, people are beginning to clear their throat chakras by speaking about their true feelings. Things that would have been left unsaid before due to fear of conflict, are coming out. Hiding our true self behind a mask has limited our capacity to have a truly free society and this needs to be adjusted.

In the healing of this wound, people are going to be speaking and writing about their feelings, which are often intensely passionate. This is all by design to heal our country and the world. It’s also going to trigger people like crazy in order to help them to begin to speak their own truth.

Unfortunately, this part of the process is causing a lot of conflict. Family and friends are no longer speaking to each other. This is also planned in some cases to be a trigger and bring an exercise in growth for it begs us to ask the question, “is this the world we desire to live in?”

Social media has become the main battleground for political division. Many people will begin to disassociate from it due to the lack of empathy being shown there. It seems as if we are forgetting that the person we are interacting with is a many faceted human being and not a political party.

You must accept that people will think different from you. That’s just the way it is right now. If you focus on the fact that there is an underlining reason for this polarization, which is that it’s a catalyst for healing and change, it will help you detach from any frustration you may be feeling.

Remember, everyone is clearing their throat chakras now. This is still a free country and people can share what they like (censorship aside). I think sharing things on social media is a good way to begin to open up about your truth.

Learn how to create inner balance when you are triggered. If someone posts something that you disagree with, do you really need to comment on it? Why is it difficult for you to let it go and just scroll past? Inner questioning and observation will help you get to the bottom of why you are triggered.

The division we find ourselves in now can be something that causes a totally dissolution into self centeredness and bullying of others or it can be a learning experience for us to see what exactly our beliefs are and where to let go of unhealthy attachments to them.

Sometimes triggers will happen and fights will break out. This is still an opportunity to go within and do some inner work. At this stage of the game, we should be able to critically look at our own behavior and understand if there is some projecting or manipulation happening.

When you attack someone because something they have shared doesn’t resonate with you, what is your purpose for that? This behavior is often an attempt to control someone. To bully them into your viewpoint. That won’t work in this energy, plain and simple, so look within for your own fear that is being triggered when someone shares something counter to your own belief.

Much of this is related to past life karma where we have been at best slandered, at worst executed, for speaking up or being different. Subconsciously we fear punishment again. We may have learned karmic patterns of silence or karmic patterns or judging others. You will attract situations that play out these patterns and show you if your are the silent one, afraid to speak or the judger, that condemns anyone that is different. Often we are both because after many lifetimes of being silent, we become those which judge in an attempt to fit in and find security.

Can we all learn to give people space? Need it bother you if someone you don’t really know, or in some cases know not at all, feels different then you? You can’t “save” people. That is not your job. That post might not resonate with you but someone else may need to hear it. It’s not your job to decide what information is passed out.

What you focus on becomes your reality so focus on what is important to you and let go of those things that are not. This makes life easier and creation faster, otherwise you are sending mixed messages about what you want. Inside you may believe you want peace but if externally you are provoking people then you are creating conflict. This can happen when we aren’t in touch with our inner emotions and don’t understand that we are creating the very thing we don’t want simply because we aren’t self aware yet.

What I mean by this, is focus on that which makes you happy and if others are focusing on something different, leave them to create that reality for themselves while you move into your own reality. This may mean stepping back from people who don’t resonate with you and that’s perfectly alright!

On social media you may decide to unfollow or unfriend someone who is not resonating with you. Some people will feel bad about this but relationships are by mutual design. If you don’t want to be around that energy you have the freedom to end the relationship. In some cases blocking becomes necessary because some people just don’t understand when they have crossed boundaries. Whatever you post they bring negativity and call you names.

Often on social media we don’t even know the person very well so why not let them go? If you have been trained has a people pleaser, you may need to learn how to give yourself permission to end relationships with negative people.

If someone or something is triggering you, the first thing I recommend is stepping back from the situation. If it’s your post, leave it for a while, even if it is someone attacking you on your own page. Stepping back can lower your emotional reaction. Ask yourself if it’s worth the emotional uproar and loss of peace to respond? In most cases the answer will be no but if you feel you must respond then at least you will have lost some of the anger.

If people are attacking or arguing on your post, either stop reading the comments, at least for a while, or decide if you want to delete it altogether to stop the negative feed loop.

Cut cords with the person or information that is triggering. You can do this in your head or ask Archangel Michael to help you. (Here is the link to my article on how to cut cords

Take some deep breathes. Take a walk or exercise. Talk to an independent third party, someone that won’t incite you to more anger but has a level head. Set an intention or pray for balance so that you don’t react in a angry way.

Think about the stereotypes you are still attaching to, such as “everyone who is Republican wants to ruin our environment” or “everyone who is Democratic wants to remove all our rights.” These never apply to people across the board and just fuel a sense of righteousness. We want to move away from identifying people only by their political affiliation and move towards identifying with their humanity.

Part of our growth during this time is learning that stereotypes have to be broken! When we talk about racism for example, isn’t much of that based on stereotypes that we need to shed as a society? Then we have to see the multitude of stereotypes we carry about everything including political parties! You don’t counter a stereotype with another stereotype.

Isn’t it time we begin to see people as individuals? Each of us unique unto ourselves? We are a beautiful tapestry of people! Allow people to be different! In fact, embrace it! This is absolutely where we must go has a country because if we don’t we will continue to invite civil war.

We do this by getting to know each other. The real us! By asking questions and genuinely listening to other peoples perspective. Open your mind and have a conversation without all the heavy barriers we carry to protect ourselves from discovering we might be wrong and having to accept something new.

These conversations can’t happen when there is no back and forth. You have to allow yourself compassion for the other person so you can listen without judgment if only for a moment! It doesn’t mean you have to accept what they are saying but it may shed some light on why the person feels that way and that creates understanding.

We may not be ready for this as a society right now but you can start to open your heart to others perspective. Know that what people are tuning into now they are very passionate about and they want to share with you!

But there is a difference between sharing and arguing. Arguing is pointless. Both people will dig in their heels and refuse to see anything positive in the other persons narrative. Agree to disagree and move on if you or the other person is on the defensive.

We are really being asked to find a balance. To speak freely without attack. To blossom into our true selves without infringing on someone else’s right to be their true self. You may worry about someone because you feel they are “delusional” for their choices. Understand that it is their journey and they will awaken in their own time and way.

We can gently tap by sharing information but trying to force something on someone that doesn’t want it crosses boundaries, as does shaming others. We can allow our anger, fears and defenses to put us into a state of righteousness that turns us into the very thing we say we despise.

We can be warriors of truth and still be compassionate human beings. Know in your heart that somehow this is all just a step towards a new beginning for this country. We can’t create the new from the old so the foundation has to be torn down. Has the Founding Fathers said in my channeled message about the third party rising, at some point, hands must reach across the table so we can begin to blend our ideas and create a joint vision based on love and peace!

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