You looked like anyone else
but your eyes set you apart
black, bottomless, hypnotizing.

A moment frozen in time
all dimensions converging
upon a single point.

The universe contained within
a mirror to my soul
I felt my heart stirring.

Never to return again
to that trustworthy beat
that I had always known before.

The rock solid place
I thought my life built on
turned out to be shifting sand.

It washed away
in a flood of tears
forcing me to take a stand.

To follow my path, my calling
the service of the Lord
to help my fellow man.

This foundation now built on rock
one million years in the making
can never be deconstructed.

Perhaps sometime you shall look
and see what I saw that day
and face the shifting sand.

And see that LOVE is all there is
when you look into MY eyes
black, bottomless, hypnotizing.

Written in love by Marla Kelly
For more information about me visit http://www.Twinstrology.com
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