In Person Workshop in Salem, MA

Do you believe your were a “Salem witch” in a past life?

Have you struggled with feeling persecuted and does it hold you back?

Have you always been curious about Salem and its history?

This is a special opportunity to work with me in a very unique way. I am accepting 2-3 people to do intense energy work with me right on the grid is Salem, MA, home of the Salem Witch trials. We will meet on the evening of Wednesday August 31, spend all day Thursday, September 1 together and the morning of Friday, September 2. We will be doing clearing and healing work on a personal and collective level.

There are some powerful astrological alignments starting to happen at this time, too, geared toward anchoring new manifestations. More details about this soon!

You could say Salem and I go wayyy back. I have spent quite a bit of time in the Witch City over the last ten years healing my own past there and now I am ready to help others heal, too.

We will visit some of the important locations in Salem. Some, like Witch House (in the photo) are well known, others less so but all are key grid points to the witch trials. I have a unique background for this combining my healing abilities and understanding of past life phenomena with my education in History. Salem is not a big city but be prepared to spend lots of time walking.

Spots are $333 US and does not include accommodation or meals. If you are interested please send me an email at or use my contact form telling me why you want to participate.

Hope to see you soon!

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  1. Very interesting. Two of the witches tried in Salem are related directly to me on my matriarchal bloodline. I’m glad that you are providing this healing to us, Marla. Thank you for your courage.💕

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