Inner Balance

When you criticize your masculine twin flame for being hurtful, angry, stubborn and limited, when you believe they have abandoned you, when you say there is no hope of union because it is impossible for your twin flame to evolve, you are really saying that your own inner masculine energy is that. Take a closer look at yourself when this comes up.

For example, you feel abandoned by your twin, you are really feeling abandoned by your own inner masculine and seeking validation and strength through the external version of this, ie your twin flame. Your inner masculine makes you feel safe and strong so if you aren’t feeling a sense of security and trying to place blame, it’s a sign to go within and ask what you can do to raise your own masculine energy and empower yourself.

If you are judging your feminine twin flame for being too emotional, sensitive, ungrounded or not being realistic, you are rejecting your own inner divine feminine energy. Your masculine energy is not wanting to surrender and give up control.

A good example of this is when you watch twin flame energy report videos and you don’t connect how what the masculine or feminine is going through also relates to YOU and the work that you need to do. Both parts of the video relates to each and every one of us.

The Beltane Gateway is showing us the way to inner union but blaming, shaming or rejecting that part of yourself that you view as being externalized in your twin flame will keep you in an imbalanced state. This requires honest self assessment. What programs are you running that are making you believe that these energies are separate from you and that they are not trust worthy? As long as you are projecting the energy this way, you are keeping your twin flame separate from you.

Inner union requires claiming all parts of the self and being responsible for maintaining your own energy.

Marla x

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