Isis and Osiris Conjunction Fall 2018: Return to Oneness

This fall sees a conjunction or union of the asteroids Isis and Osiris. Currently, they are around 5 degrees apart yet their energy is being felt already as we continue to shift from separation to union consciousness through the healing and balancing of our inner divine feminine (Isis) and divine masculine (Osiris).

Isis and Osiris are twin flames which is expressed mythologically as they are both husband and wife and brother and sister, hence sharing the same soul DNA. According to the myth of Isis and Osiris, Osiris is murdered by his dark brother Set and dismembered. Isis collects all of Osiris’ parts and resurrects him long enough to create Horus. Osiris then becomes ruler of the land of the dead.

The dismemberment of Osiris is a metaphor for the fragmentation of the soul. Its time to heal that fragmentation. The risen energy of the divine feminine is healing those fractures through unconditional love, just as Isis healed the fractures of Osiris and as they are twin flames, they were returned to oneness. Oneness requires a shift in our perspective so that we bring love, compassion and forgiveness to self and others then we can let go of us versus them, fear based polarity consciousness, and ascend.

For those souls that have achieved the appropriate level of initiation or consciousness (healing the programming of separation), Isis and Osiris are leading you towards union. Not only a balanced state of the inner divine feminine and masculine, but an integration of the polarity. For those on the twin soul path, this is integration of your twins essence through a twining of your energies within the body.  When this occurs within, there is no longer a sense of separation. This is union in the here and now! Though it doesn’t necessarily mean that a stereotypical relationship will materialize instantly, it is an important shift in consciousness as well as a portal towards union with our higher self.

The djed is an ancient Egyptian symbol in the shape of a pillar that represents Osiris’ spinal column. The djed is the main energetic pathway from the base chakra to the crown chakra. This is the pathway of kundalini or life force. Osiris is the djed pillar and Isis is the activating energy.  The union of the divine masculine and divine feminine opens a gateway within the djed to the higher dimensions, activating our light bodies and expanding consciousness. This expansion of light allows the higher self to merge more into the physical body. A large amount of purging is precipitating this shift to allow the body to hold this soul light. In addition, activations are causing physical symptoms. Now is a good time to detoxify body, mind and life.

Ankh and Djed Pillar

Though Isis and Osiris will be traveling close together for over a month, the first exact conjunction of Isis and Osiris occurs on October 28. Taking this energy even further, the asteroid Horus is simultaneously conjunct the North Node, confirming that an elevation in consciousness is occurring. To have both of these conjunctions occurring together is pretty amazing as the union of Isis and Osiris creates the third energy, or energy of creation, that in the myth, creates Horus.

These astrological alignments are reflecting our increasing levels of ascension and manifestation abilities. As we expand in light and love, we increase our ability to create. Tom Kenyon describes Horus as the alchemical key, “Horus is depicted as a hawk-headed man. As the son of Isis and Osiris, he symbolically represents the fusion of spirit and matter. In many ancient cultures, the feminine principle (Mother) was viewed as matter….The male principle (Father) was viewed as spirit. Thus at a symbolic level, Horus is a result of joining together spirit and matter.” Spirit and matter join to embody higher self and also to manifest our dreams into reality.

Osiris, Isis and Horus. Notice Osiris rests on a pillar. (Louvre, Paris)

There are many other astrological alignments supporting and expanding these energies. I will soon post a video discussing some of them (Part Two of Message from Lilith: Its Time to Heal Separation) and I will also be expanding on these energies in my bi-monthly forecasts. There is one other aspect I wish to mention here though that is important to the healing of separation and embodiment of the higher self.

Since Uranus moved into Taurus, it has been squaring the Nodal axis. This has been bringing up a lot of healing, especially wounds related to past life traumas. Of course, these wounds create programs and fears that can hold us back from our destinies. But Uranus is also the energy of our soul and the universe, and it has been shifting us into a realignment with divine will.

We have had an ongoing t-square between Uranus in Taurus, the North Node in Leo and the South Node in Aquarius. This was complicated with Mars retrograde in Aquarius which will cross the South Node and square Uranus three times (two of which have been completed to date). Mars is our masculine energy and represents our will. This alignment was shifting our masculine sides away from ego and karmic patterns so that we could free that part of ourselves to follow our higher self. Not MY will, but THY will be done. The energy of Mars therefore being realigned to our higher purpose and soul calling.

Now Venus, representing the feminine energy, is in her shadow period in Scorpio and shifting that t-square into a fixed cross. Through her retrograde, Venus will be opposing Uranus, square the Nodes and for a time, also square Mars. This transit will realign the feminine energy with higher self or divine will. Most of the retrograde will take place in Scorpio and involve transmutation of the shadow self. We need to look at what fears and programs are running that continue polarity consciousness. How does the masculine and feminine distrust each other? Outer relationships are only a reflection of our inner relationship to self.

Just has Mars had to overcome fears and ego, so does Venus. The current tension between Venus and Mars can bring some of these issues into our awareness. The purging process is helping bring in more soul light so try not to fight it. The more we try to fight the integration of divine will over ego will, the more disruptive the energies of Uranus and the South Node can become. Uranus can liberate through elevated consciousness or Uranus can liberate through sudden, and sometimes shocking, changes in our life. The choices is ours based on our resistance to the expansion energy.

Venus is ending her retrograde in Libra, and what I keep seeing about that is the scales of Libra, meaning this retrograde can create harmony and balance in the partnership of the masculine and feminine.  Also, the energy of Isis and Osiris begins to get stronger shortly after the Fall Equinox, when the Sun moves into Libra, which is known as being a time of balance as the day,  (masculine, solar principle) and night (feminine, lunar principle) are of equal length.

The energy of the next few months is really exciting for our ascension process and for twin flame unions. These astrological alignments are basically putting our higher self in control. When this happens, separation and neediness moves out of the way, freeing us to let go and trust in whatever is coming. Ego begins to take a back seat to our heart. Resistance dissolves in the now moment. When the essence of our twin flame is integrated within, there is no pressure to search for this energy outside of ourselves. The magnetic charge of the connection, otherwise known as the push-pull, stabilizes. Physical connection becomes easier. We reach the promised land of surrender.

Written by Marla Kelly

September 15, 2018

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  2. Marla, thank you for this article. It is key in guiding me at this time and I will be re-studying it to help me integrate these energies most consciously and causatively into manifestation. My Venus in Scorpio and my Ascendant being exactly conjunct the North Node of late are tying in here too. Thank you again ? for this writing. Sally

  3. Thank you, Marla. Sounds very simple and maybe easy??
    How does Chiron enter into these aspects? I know it is a long
    retrograde, but also for healing.

  4. I know it is not easy, but the influences just slip into place – in a perfect world. i have read a lot about people being ‘forced’, I suppose by the soul, to begin some of these adjustments. I am looking forward to the change in repetitive patterns.
    I always ask myself, if I did not follow astrology, would this be easier??

  5. Thank You.
    I so needed to hear all of it. To tie the prolong knots together. Into one timeline. ????

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  7. Wow, this is awsome!
    Last month i received o message to go to Egipt at the Great Pyramid for receive am initiantion! Later I asked what is about and the answer was – Isis, which I love anyway! booked the trip and now reading this article I realized that the trip at the pyramide is scheduled exactly in 28.10 🙂 How awsome is that? So I guess this trip is gonna be a great step on my twinflame journey!
    Thank you for confirmation! <3

  8. Now I’ve just re-read the article 6 weeks later than the first time, and I see better how it truly is coming together. So much healing has occurred over this time period! And thank you for today’s reading over Youtube about what DM would like to express. I felt him in the listening. I see how far I’ve come over the past 6 years of T. F. Journey to manifest what seemed “impossible”!

  9. Thank you 🙏 please can you tell me who is the artist who depicted the first image at the top of the article? It’s so beautiful, and I should like to look her or him up!

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