Isis Transmission: 2022 Year of Free Will

Greetings. We invite you to feel the frequency of this transmission.

We wish to speak to you about the changes that are occurring on earth at this time. We are pleased with the progress you have made.

The change in 2022, is the change to a fully functional free will version of reality. Over the last several years, the karmic system of old earth has been breaking down. Humanity is no longer forced to play out certain cycles that were contained within their akashic records. This is wonderful news.

The year 2022 and the recent 2-2-2022 gateway has collapsed that system for many. You see, although the karmic system has been breaking for a while, karma has become a belief system that humanity BELIEVES themselves imprisoned by. Many of you are ready to set that belief system aside for full sovereignty. 

The numerological frequency of February 2, 2022 was 1 and this ushered in the new cycle. The closing date February 22, 2022 was 3, the number of creative force thru the trinity. This anchored the new trajectory.

This means that you can experience a reality that is created strictly by your free will and not because of karmic cycles, if you choose it. It is your free will to make the transition to the new or stay in the old. As humanity awakens, all will reach points where they will be given opportunities to choose.

It is not an easy transition and we acknowledge the efforts of those that have chosen the new and are making the shift. To choose free will means accepting your choices and what they create rather than feeling victimized by circumstances outside of yourself.

Creation occurs at the zero point. This is the place of all possibilities and is accessed from a point of neutrality. Your point of inner peace. It is a place of alignment with source energy. Embracing the new system means your reality comes from god inside you rather than your ego. It involves surrender to the when and how, trusting god to create the outcome. 

While we are in transition, humanity will be experiencing the continued break down of the old karmic system. This is necessary, like any transition the old must crumble as the new takes its place. Fear will be a by product of the transition. We remind you that it is your free will choice to participate in that reality or not but fear will take you out of the zero-point.

We have said the zero-point is a place of neutrality. With duality being exposed it is not always easy to stay neutral. Understand that it is a place from which all is seen, all possibilities known and where the light of love is chosen. Anything outside of neutrality limits the possibilities availability to you. 

We wish you to understand that while you can each choose your reality, when you are creating from love and service to humanity, your realities synch up with each other to co-create a new collective reality. Like points of light expanding and assisting each other to grow stronger.

Together, it is YOU that are creating the collapse of the old structures. All that is happening is not to be feared but welcomed. Continue to create your reality of love and truth and together it will happen. It will be tempting to fall back into the old system at certain points of the process but have faith and surrender to how the new will materialize. This is not your concern. Your concern is love, for love is always the answer.

For those of you here to create new forms of higher vibrational relationships through the balance of masculine and feminine, 2022 start to show real change and progress. This is the shift many have been waiting on.

Those that are now shifting fully into free will creators will find that the karmic cycles that were still lingering due to belief systems will now begin to give way. Both the feminine and masculine are reclaiming their power over this. They will begin to co-create more and more intentionally together, opening new and surprising realities. 

Be at peace. Be patient with yourselves as learn how to make this transition. Know we are always guiding and encouraging you. Trust that we are helping you every step the way!

An Isis transmission channeled by Marla Kelly @

March 13, 2022

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