It’s Safe to Trust

This Venus retrograde has truly given me new understanding of the principles of manifestation. This understanding has only increased with Mercury retrograde. Or perhaps I should say there has been a deeper awareness of what is already known.

Many of you know that I bought a house in November. Truly a crowning culmination for me in a year where many manifestations came to pass. Yet with that there are many, and often unexpected, expenses. Several times I have had to face the fear of “can I afford this?”

I know these are tests of my faith and my ability to hold my vision of what I want to manifest in the face of what appears to challenge it. My heart knows that I have always been provided for yet at times my mind struggles with fear of lack. This is, no, this has BEEN part of the human condition. It is an ingrained, yet false belief, that every human being, of every class and station confronts at one time or another.

I think that one of the reasons we think Earth is such a difficult planet is because things can be much slower to manifest here than other places and that creates doubt. Which comes first the chicken or the egg? Do we have doubt because things appear slow or does doubt cause the slowness? I know it is the later, the doubt causes the slowness.

When we live in alignment with our higher self, we know that all we came to manifest resides in the heart. It has already been birthed into existence as long as we align with it energetically. Yet, fear creates doubt and that slows things down. Fortunately, we are now making huge strides in our ability to align and therefore, create.

Despite the occasional doubts I’ve faced, the universe is showing me that higher alignment is occurring. For example, abundance is flowing to me frequently but it’s coming in ways I don’t expect and if I wasn’t paying attention I might miss them.

Since Venus has been retrograde I received three unexpected checks back because I over paid. I had forgotten about a security deposit I put down on the last place I lived so thankfully I was reminded in time to get that back. One of my monthly bills became included in something else saving me money every month. I sold several things on Facebook Marketplace and three separate people gave me more money then I was asking for purely from kindness. These may seem small things but I can’t help but feel grateful and light hearted by how truly blessed our lives can be when we let go of doubt.

Ironically perhaps, my lesson here has been to stop thinking about having to EARN money but just sit back and watch it come without effort. This takes a lot of trust but these subtle proofs of alignment keep showing me the truth of it all.

While I thought about these things today the image of Jesus feeding the 5,000 with 5 loaves of bread and 2 fishes came to me. How did he do that? Jesus’ faith was so great that everything he envisioned was instantly made manifest. Jesus overcame every fear, even the ultimate one, fear of torture and death.

After Jesus feeds the people, the Bible tells us that he walked on water. When Peter tries, he succeeds for a short while but when his fear takes hold of him, he sinks down into the depths and implores Jesus to save him. Jesus says to him, “You of little faith, why did you doubt?”

In that simple story Jesus shows us that there is no magic that he possess. He is not special because he is God’s chosen one. No, Peter was able to follow Jesus on the water until fear stopped him from believing. He had the power to control his environment just like Jesus did and so do we.

The last week has been full of understanding for me. (Thank you Mercury Rx). I can feel the power I possess. The power to create worlds. I am being shown that I have done it before and being given the keys to do it again. Most importantly, love and grace have expanded my heart even more.

During this gateway, we can let go of fear. Each and every fear that poisons the mind and causes us to doubt that we are an aspect of the divine and as such, we are born creators. Whether that is to the positive or the negative depends on belief. There is nothing in our lives that can’t be over come. No problem that can’t be solved. No illness that can’t be healed. No fear that can overpower the soul. When what we want is born of love, it is already there. It has already come to pass we only need the unshakable faith to see it, feel it, know it!

And so it is.

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