Learn to Love the Spiritual Connection

It’s natural to want the material manifestation of a relationship with your twin flame.  Desiring it can help you manifest it-to a point.  There is a difference between desiring it and holding on so tightly to your expectations that the energy stagnates.  Clinging too tightly to expectations can energetically push them away.  

The truth is, the spiritual connection with them will always take precedent over the material connection.  The spiritual connection is eternal and stable while the material one fluctuates based on ego.  It’s necessary to learn to navigate 5th dimensional frequencies and higher in order to overcome ego and return to a balanced state of unconditional love.  

Union never materializes from the 3D world up into the higher dimensions.  It always travels downward into the 3D.  That makes sense when you understand that higher frequencies carry oneness, while 3D and 4D carry separation.  How could union come from the fear based thinking of separation?

While the divine feminine was awakening, the divine masculine held the energy in 3D.  Due to all the divine feminines work, the divine masculine is now being drawn into the 5D.  They are working on understanding the higher frequencies.  This is necessary for spiritual development. 

Embracing the 5D with no expectation of 3D can assist the current energy shift in a couple ways.  It helps the divine masculine experiment in these levels without feeling pulled back.  It helps both focus on the eternal and unconditional aspects of the connection.  It’s easier for the energy to come down.  It breaks energetic resistance that might be creating stagnant energy.  Your twin will not have to mirror resistance to the 3D connection to balance your attachment to it.

Most importantly, the 5D will take us to the zero point field.  This is the exact place we want to be, heading into the winter solstice.  This an important date not just for twins but for the global ascension timelines.  Indeed, we always want to be at the zero point because this is the place where all possibilities are open.  We can choose ANY option here, therefore, it is the most creative space and manifestation emanates from here!

Focusing on the 3D tends to bring the mind back to fear, separation and lack.  All the things we don’t want to create.  The eclipse timelines are activating deep, internal healing for both twins around self confidence, worthiness and trust.  These are important precursory shifts for the new timelines.  Take time to focus on self healing because as you clear subconscious fears you are opening new doors to these elevated timelines. 

Many of you will be naturally feeling this shift into surrender.  You can assist the energy by doing something creative.  The possibilities are unlimited-make art, make food, do crafts, go outside, dance.  These things take your mind off twin and 3D concerns and shift you back into the zero point quite effortlessly.  Soul family friendships are also playing a part so reach out to others if you need it!

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