Libra New Moon: Love & Societal Conventions

The download I had for twin flames regarding the Libra New Moon has to do with following your passions versus social conventions.  This can awaken past life memories that are still at play within your union now.

Libra is the sign of relating to others but with Venus being its ruler, there is often an underlying desire to create harmony and present an air of civility, even to the point of capitulating to the desires of others. The energy that needs to be balanced and released in Libra is codependency.  

The New Moon is opposing Mars retrograde in Aries.  Taken very simply it can be the self versus others but there is an element to the energy of where we’ve lost ourselves and the passion we can feel when we choose to follow our heart and what we truly love.  

This Mars Rx is giving us an opportunity to go within and find that passion and fire, whether it’s for a person or a creative outlet.  Mars Rx wants us to get clear on our passions and then go after it!  What we need to surrender, and Mercury Rx will assist this, is our fears of judgment, be it from those around us or being misunderstood because we don’t fit into societies constructs.

The opposition of the New Moon and Mars is square to our old friends in Capricorn; Saturn, Pluto and Jupiter.  These planets are triggering societal conventions.  These are the unspoken rules we all live by.  Jupiter coming into it’s third pass with Pluto represents the Plutocracy.  These are the wealthy people that create the rules.

It’s time to rethink these rules and begin to see that are based on matrix control.  Many of the things we believe about relationships go back a very long way.  Back to the times of arrange marriages that were used to create more wealth and power and had nothing to do with love.  It’s time to release what isn’t built on love. 

Arranged marriages are still going on today but even for those that live in societies that appear to have broken free of that old patriarchal energy, how many people today either marry, or stay married for financial reasons?  That pick a partner based more on what they wish to achieve financially rather than what calls to their hearts?  Or once married, how many stay because they fear financial loss?  

There are many other societal conventions regarding marriage and divorce.  Staying for the children is definitely one.  Mentally, it seems a noble idea but from the point of the heart, staying in a relationship without love creates blockages and shields over the heart.  

Children mirror the relationships they see from their parents.  If you look at your inner child wounding and how you have created negative relationship patterns in your life, you are going to see the correlation between that and the relationship your parents modeled for you.  We can’t help our children evolve if we are modeling the same broken patterns to them.

For many of you, the karmic soul mates in your life are going to be attached to this old energy.  You’ve lived past lives with them under these old conditions, especially arranged marriages that blocked the relationship with your twin flame.  Our karmic soul mates have not only been our spouses in other lifetimes but they’ve been our parents, children and other authority figures.  

This is why we’ve chosen to reincarnate with them again.  Because they hold these patterns with us, it gives us the opportunity to break free from it through creating change now.  Often, there is an underlying energy of control or sacrifice that is attached to them.  

Venus, the ruler of the New Moon is opposing Neptune.  Together they represent unconditional love.  They create a mutable cross with the North and South Node.  What an opportunity to not only change patterns now, but you can collapse many timelines simply by seeing through these old belief systems.

Now is the time to break through any type of matrix control you are still living under.  See these societal conventions for what they are-patriarchal control.  We are here to create unfettered love.  To follow our hearts and our passions.  For too long we’ve been lied to and told our hearts, and especially our passions, will lead us astray.  That we should eliminate emotion.  These things are directly connected to your psychic and creative abilities!

I wrote an article yesterday on how we must break free of the matrix now as there is a big shift occurring in our ability to create our reality.  In order to do this, we need to be fearless, otherwise we are still running old programs and not creating the new.  

Being a victim won’t do in this energy.  The societal conventions still holding rules in place around love have to be released, too, otherwise we continue to create the matrix and not our true passion!  We can live in joy and have everything we want if we allow our passions to guide us to our choices.

I’ve already said that many people stay in old energy relationships because they fear financial loss but when we break through our fears and live life with passion we begin to create the abundance we desire.  You can’t create the new from old energy or fear.  

The focus on twin flames is often around changing patterns of love but it’s through the heart awakening that we begin to receive the tools for creating all kinds of abundance.  However, on New Earth, abundance doesn’t necessarily mean being a millionaire, it means you have the means to live life on your terms, following your heart in every moment.  It’s actually a more peaceful and freer way to live with more time to connect with family and friends.

This is also a good time to work on creating love with your karmic soulmates.  One way to facilitate this is using violet flame and ho’oponopono.  I have free video instructions for both on my Youtube channel.  Trying to create a sense of understanding for them can end the resistance that keeps cords attached.  

Keep in mind that your twin’s karmic soulmate is more often than not, someone you are also intimately connected, too through many lifetimes.  You don’t need to know specific situations with them, though many of you will, you only need to realize that karma is ended through forgiveness and letting go.

At the end of the month Venus will oppose Chiron.  This energy will be carried through until them and probably until Mars direct beginning of November.  The end of October is being set up as the biggest release of this year.  We are preparing for great shifts as we let go of the limiting beliefs imposed on us for far too long.  There are likely to be tests but tests show us how far we’ve come.  No fear, only love.

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