This Love Can No Longer Be Denied: Sacred Union Tarot

The light of the Spring Equinox is bringing new beginnings. Karmic partnerships are floundering and choices will need to be made. The DF are focusing on Victory and Balance so they can bring themselves more fully into the vibration of love. The DM is no longer able to deny their truth. They are focused on what they want to manifest and becoming the Master Magicians they are inside. The more the DF embodies LOVE and LIGHT, the more the DM is changing his perceptions of her. Please also watch my astrology report for the Equinox and Pisces New Moon for more detailed information about the incoming energy and how to work with it.

DM reading starts around 40:00

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  2. Hi Marla,

    I’m in Sydney Australia and we are going into the darker months and you are talking about going into Spring and more light. Does this make a difference for us down here??

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