Twin Flame Energy Report for the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Pisces

Full moon’s bring a release and a lunar eclipse is 3x’s more powerful than a regular full moon, There is much healing and clearing going on so at times the energy is likely to be uncomfortable. You are going through a metaphorical death, in order to be reborn. You are creating the space needed to come into union and begin to embody your higher self. An intense, yet very rewarding full moon. Please, take time for you this week. In the silence is where you will find your answers.

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I am using the decks:
Tarot Illuminati by Eric Dunne
Goddess Guidance
Past Life Oracle
Ascended Master Oracle
Daily Guidance from the Angels all by Doreen Virtue.

Many people ask me what the music is I am playing, it is Tibetan Singing Bowls and can be found on Youtube under “Three Hour Tibetan Singing Bowls”.

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