March and the 333 Activations

As 2019 adds up to a 3 year (2+0+1+9) March is filled with 333 activations. Today, March 3rd, March 12, March 21 and March 30 all carry the 333 vibration. While March 21st will be an especially important day because is comes right after the Spring Equinox and Libra Full Moon, I think we will feel the strongest activations between March 3rd and March 12th.

The 333 activations are connected to Christ-consciousness. Many of you already link 333 to the Ascended Masters. An Ascended Master is someone who has completed the initiation into Christ-consciousness. Yeshua (Jesus) is one such example but there are many others as Christ-conscious is ascended consciousness and open to all of us. Some on the ascension path will now go deeper into this initiation process.

One symbol of Christ-consciousness is the threefold flame which resides in our hearts. It is has three plumes; a blue plume of spiritual power, a pink plume of divine love and yellow plume of wisdom. Our goal is to balance these plumes so that they work together. When we balance power with love we get justice and when we balance wisdom with love with get truth. The 333 activations are igniting or expanding this flame within and those that are ready will be shown this through their own higher consciousness.

Part of the initiation is a purification process. We want the plumes to be balanced so we are aligned with God/Goddesses intentions and not from our ego or emotional bodies. March and April will contain intense purification energies. As many of you know, Pluto, Saturn and the South Node are coming into a conjunction and this is an important part of the 333 activations in that they are preparing us through purification and karmic release.

On March 30th, just after midnight Pluto joins the South Node on 23 Capricorn. The Sabian symbol is “A woman entering a convent,” showing a surrender of earthly desires in order to align with divine will. The build up of these two joining has certainly been felt by all through a stronger awareness of the shadow and ensuing limitations. This is a powerful past life connection that is providing an opportunity to shift timelines through self analysis and forgiveness.

The emotional body can cause interference with the threefold flame. Our emotional self can be hard to control and many ingrained patterns are reenacted every time we are triggered. The North Node is in Cancer and the South Node is in Capricorn helping us learn balance of the emotional body. Cancer holds these emotional patterns, which have developed over multiple incarnations. The energy of Cancer can be very emotional as its ruler is the Moon (emotions). Cancer relates to the fears of the inner child. Its polarity point is Capricorn. Capricorn, ruled by Saturn, can detach from or withhold emotion to the point of not allowing the heart freedom. Capricorn is the parent/authority figure.

The transits of the Nodes through these signs can help us become the parent of our own inner child. This creates an inner sense of security and allows right balance of the emotional body. In order to unlock creativity, the inner child must feel secure, acknowledged and allowed to freely express themselves. As we move forward into Christ-consciousness and unlock the keys to alchemy, it is necessary to have balance within the emotional body lest triggers cause us to manifest our deepest fears. While this Pluto, Saturn and South Node transit may be challenging for some of you, it is a blessing for creating the future you desire and not unconscious aspects of fear or shame.

Dive deep into clearing. Actively face your fears. Practice forgiveness and compassion. For more information watch my video on “The Sirius Portal” that I posted in January which discusses these higher heart activations and how it’s affecting twin flames through to the Lion’s Gate in August. For help with clearing and releasing karma I have shared two videos “Grounding and Clearing with the Violet Flame” and “Clearing with Ho’oponopono.”

Enjoy these activations!

Marla x

Artwork “The Threefold Flame of Power, Love and Wisdom by Endre Balogh 2015

4 Comments on “March and the 333 Activations”

  1. Dear Marla, This message is certainly illuminating and increases my understanding much better with reference to the Pluto, S Node and Saturn conjunctions. Thank you! Thanks also about filling us in about the 3-3-3 activations!
    Hope you are very well. Namaste.

  2. Thank you for your continuous effort in providing clarity between the seeming dichotomy of the material spiritual plane. You’ve connected important links of understanding for me quite sometime now. God bless ❤️

    1. Also I’m a Cancer North Node (10th House) — curious to see how this will unfold for me personally

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