Mars and Venus Conjunction August 24, 2019

This weekend Mars and Venus are joining up in Virgo.  How are you balancing your masculine and feminine?  Are you in separation consciousness or unity consciousness?  You might be facing triggers or aha moments for where you need to make adjustments.

This conjunction is creating a deeper activation for much of what I have been talking about this year.  At the Summer Solstice I wrote an article called “Healing Distrust,” and how the feminine and masculine need to heal core wounds that focus on betrayal and abandonment in order to activate high hearts and fully embrace unity consciousness.  (read here )

This Mars/Venus conjunction could bring up your issues with trust, especially because they will make a quincunx with Chiron.  As I’ve said before, whenever Venus makes hard aspect to Chiron there is potential for triggers in order to release feelings of rejection and abandonment.  Sadness or anger might occur, especially with Mars aspecting Uranus, too. 

Another aspect twin flames are in the process of healing is forbidden love.  We all deal with mental limitations to love because of societal rules.  How can we love fully if there are beliefs that certain restrictions round who and how we love?  

Most twin flames carry the karma of forbidden love due to past lives where arranged marriages, class distinction and other issues instilled them with templates to believe that the other person is off limits for whatever reason and these continue to subconsciously carry over to this day.  Forbidden love easily crosses over into feelings of unrequited love, too, triggering feelings of abandonment and anger.  

Twin flames are here to break through these ideas that to love is wrong.  Unconditional love requires nothing in return, so how can that be wrong in any circumstances?  How can one get to unconditional love if there is an underlying shame around loving someone?  

These are the karmic patterns that Venus/Mars quincunx Chiron can bring up so pay attention if you feel emotional.  This energy has been very active in the twin flame readings I’ve done in the last two weeks.  There will be a big push for clearing these blocks as we head towards the Fall Equinox.  We want to have inner balance and a higher frequency of love by then in order to prepare for the next phase of twin flame unions.

In my Lion’s Gate video I talked about how we are aligning more with union energies within and integrating another level of our twin flames energy.  I don’t know about you but I am certainly feeling that since 8-8.  If you are embracing inner union and letting go of the past, then this Mars/Venus conjunction can have you feeling love vibes and joy.  Though still clearing karma, you may do that through receiving past life memories or visiting a sacred site. In addition to aspecting Chiron, they will also trine Uranus which can help us break free of the old patterns and embrace new ways of understanding love. 

The Sabian symbol for the conjunction is “A man becoming aware of nature spirits and normally unseen spiritual energies.”  I do feel this aspect is bringing healing to the masculine energy (within all of us) in particular as the masculine is being asked to make changes in how he has viewed love.  Again, see my previous article on healing distrust for more details.  The masculine energy continues to awaken and as the masculine heals the heart and allows it to open, higher levels of consciousness are reached, allowing the divine masculine energy to remember who he truly iS!

Artwork: “Mars and Venus Caught by Vulcan” by Francois Boucher

2 Comments on “Mars and Venus Conjunction August 24, 2019”

  1. Dearest Marla..
    Just wanted to share the following because you have been of assistance in my journey in your own way.. 🙂 My gratitude and love for all that you do.
    Many people tend to focus on what is going on with the masculine and his life, or his relationship with the karmic. Whereas i feel that “empowering” oneself specially for the feminine is the most important of all. We become so embroiled with what is happening in the masculine’s life…so much so that our focus is taken away. All along feminines crave for the union..whereas they are supposed to be understanding themselves better and move ahead with the energy shifts. My journey began in 2013. We were together for 2.3 years. The separation phase began in 2015. I used to follow your videos in 2017. It took me three years of journey to empower myself with the ongoing energy shifts. I reached a point where i felt all powerful…( i cannot even express the magnitude of that power ) on all levels. There was no more craving, pining, missing etc. I touched the pinnacle of this power by 2019 march. My focus was on learning new things and nurturing myself. My masculine was busy stuck in his karmic situation. A time arrived where he was supporting the 3d grid so much that i am sure it was causing imbalance in the fabric of transition…added to that his own karmas with respect to me. On August 23rd 2019 i received the news that he passed ( at the young age of 44) away owing to kidney cancer. I remained untouched…because i was already vibrating at a different frequency. What i mean is… nothing is guaranteed in this journey…least of all the union. Because for the union to happen both the individuals should vibrate at a particular frequency and evolution. Only then can we ground this twin flame relationship. That does not mean unions and fairy tales won’t happen. THEY WILL. For Union is just a bi product of our own evolution as said by you many a times through your messages 🙂
    Lots of love

    1. I’m sorry for your loss. That you made so much progress in only three years is amazing and I’m sure meant to help you deal with the situation. Yes, we need to be at the same frequency and that only happens through our growth. Sending you love as you continue your journey!

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