Mars and Venus: Final Conjunction November 3, 2015

On Tuesday, Venus and Mars will meet in an exact conjunction (when the planets are right next to each other) for the third time this year. This is marking the end of a cycle. Since 2012, when Saturn moved into the sign of Scorpio, we have been searching our psyche, confronting our shadow, taking a hard look at our relationships and what they are lacking. Now we are clear. We know what the NEW template of relationships needs to look like. We are ready to break free from co-dependance, ready for true intimacy, ready to unleash the gods and goddesses that we are.

There are some major planetary aspects lending their weight to this conjunction. First, Jupiter is also conjunct Mars and Venus. To me, it feels like Jupiter, king of the gods, is giving his blessing. Jupiter is expansion and optimism. Jupiter rules our beliefs. Haven’t your beliefs around relationships changed in the last few years? Mars and Venus are also opposing Chiron. Chiron is a healer, and the conjunction is taking place in Virgo, the sign of the healer so lots of healing energy is being directed here. Chiron is also a seer, visionary and connects us to the universe. Chiron is supporting our vision and helping us connect with our masculine and feminine energy. Uranus is making a quincunx aspect to Mars and Venus. His message is, this IS doable. We can have this revolutionary type of connection, if we are willing to make adjustments for it. Those adjustments being release of your old patterns and beliefs. You may also find you experience kundalini activations this week.

There are a few asteroid aspects supporting the conjunction, too. Pallas Athene is squaring the North and South Node of Destiny. When planets are square to the Nodes, that means they are aspecting the North and South Node equally. The North and South Nodes are in Aries (South Node) and Libra (North Node). This is the axis that represents the Self versus the Other. Pallas here is showing you the patterns in relationships that sabotage you. These have to be faced in order for us to move into this new phase. The Nodes are going to be shifting signs next week so this is our last chance to review issues in these signs.

The big unveiling is going to be on November 11th when the North Node moves into Virgo and the South Node into Pisces. This coincides with the Scorpio New Moon and the 11-11 Gateway. The North Node in Virgo is asking us to be of service, to bring healing, to support Gaia and focus on our missions. One major way twins are going to be of service, is by anchoring this new template of relationships in the 3d plane. It is time for us to walk the talk. For some twins this means a physical union in 3d. Even if you aren’t ready for union, many twin flames are making strides in that direction by increasing communication and physically spending time with their twins.

Asteroid Anteros is also conjunct Venus and Mars. Anteros was the son of Venus and Mars, or Aries and Aphrodite as they were known in Greece. Anteros is the god of requited love and he punishes those who mock love or don’t return love. The website has this to say about Anteros, “Anteros is basically the Anti-Eros. Instead of causing people to fall madly in love, he takes a more long-term view of relationships and coaxes deeper, less chaotic emotions. Like his brother, he fires arrows, but he deals in selfless mutual love, not the sexy madness of hormones.” Anteros is reinforcing the new template ideal of unconditional love and mutually loving exchanges. In the new template, relationships are balanced, one person doesn’t hold all the power. There is mutual respect and concern.

Asteroid Atlantis is forming a very tight square aspect. I wrote about Atlantis a few weeks ago, as this energy has been building for a while. Atlantis is special to twin flames because almost all of us have had powerful previous lives there. There is some mythology involving twin flames and Atlantis, where it is said that twins flames were first separated there. I have found Atlantis to play a role in the history of many individual twin flames. This aspect suggests that we will be able to reach levels of love and union not seen since lifetimes there.

Asteroid Solidarity, which is also in Virgo, is sextile asteroid Alma in Scorpio and both are quincunx Karma in Aries. There is an adjustment that needs to be made around karmic cycles, likely something involving the self and releasing some self defeating pattern which will then be able to bring you closer together with your twin, if not in 3d then in the higher dimensions. Have faith that you are working together, you are a team.

A great deal of healing has occurred and although we aren’t finished, this is a watershed moment. Many twin flames have come together in the physical recently and many more will be ready in the near future. That doesn’t mean that the work is done. The real work is just beginning, as besides anchoring the new love template, it is time to start working on missions, especially as the Nodes travel through Virgo/Pisces. It is important to release expectations around these moments as well. Everything happens in stages and cycles. Trust that this energy is deepening your connect to your twin flame in the higher dimensions, too. Twin flame relationships are of the higher dimension and trickle down to the lower dimensions. Embracing this energy of unconditional love and male/female balance will assist you in the process of manifesting in the physical.

Written by Marla Kelly

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