Masculine Soul

You have intelligence that leaves me in awe,
but that is not what draws me to you.

You have wit that makes me laugh,
but that is not what charms me.

You have physical beauty beyond my wildest desires,
but that is not what attracts me to you.

It’s your soul that has eternally captured me.

Innocence and playfulness balanced
with strength and courage.

A will of steel that can be turned to softness
with the right words or look.

The ability to inspire others with your words
and leadership.

Insecurities are quickly overcome when passion
for justice is ignited.

Wisdom that far exceeds this realm of existence
tempered by humility.

Master magician, politician, warrior, priest,
lover, god.

Even has I write these words, I see,
You are a perfect reflection of me.

Written in love by Marla Kelly
October 19, 2017

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