Meet Me In The 5th Dimension

Meet me in the ethers

Where time and space collapse.

You know the way to travel there

For your heart has all the maps.

Our energy is always there my love

No need to ever be alone.

Let the light into your heart

And the way to me is shown.

Though a part of us always resides there

We can also consciously make the trip.

Leave your physical body here

Travel in your light ship.

Come and spend some time with me

I long to reconnect with you.

Let me surround you in my arms of light

I’ll show you that my love is true.

Come and take my hand

Give me a gentle kiss

I’ll feel it as a subtle breeze

and surrender to the bliss.

Close your eyes and release the mind

Feel the beating of your heart.

Time to trust your inner guidance

Know that we are never apart.

Written by Marla Kelly

November 14, 2019

All rights reserved

Artwork: Lover’s Dream by Carolina Ocinschi-Gogalniceanu

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2 Comments on “Meet Me In The 5th Dimension”

  1. I am ready for to make, what Gods plan for me.. The love energy, come from God or the universe. But I can’t accept that he continue a relationship with other women.

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