Mercury Retrograde December 19-January 8

Mercury Retrograde
December 19, 2016-January 8, 2017
15 Capricorn to 28 Sagittarius

This is Mercury’s fourth and final retrograde for 2016. The entire Mercury retrograde cycle this year was about anchoring the goddess energies to Mother Earth. Each of the Mercury Rx cycles were spent in the signs of Feminine Earth; Capricorn (although technically, Mercury stationed in Aquarius during the first cycle, he spent most of his time in Capricorn), Taurus, Virgo and now again in Capricorn. Mercury has been helping you develop your creative or manifestation abilities through the balancing of the masculine and feminine energies and by confronting your mental blocks. And they are ALL mental!

During this cycle, Mercury in Capricorn is bringing you the gift of making your dreams a reality. Capricorn will help you develop patience, planning and organization. Everything you need to shift what has been building in your mind to your outer reality. Capricorn is ruled by the goat, and has the ability to climb higher and higher with just the tiniest of footholds. The energy of Capricorn can make the impossible, possible, through straight up perseverance under any odds. Capricorn also has the backing of Saturn, its ruler, who helps you set goals and then step by step build the practical, material foundation for those goals.

You will have to confront some fears though. You want to climb that mountain but you’re afraid you’ll fall. Many are also under the false belief that someone else can stop their ascent. Mercury Rx is the time to revisit these fears and blocks. This is being heightened through Mercury’s station on Pluto. That which had been buried in your psyche is being revealed. Truth is being shown to you with the help of Jupiter and Uranus. The only thing blocking you from climbing that mountain is your own belief about yourself and your abilities.

You will be called to do some administrative work, too. You know you need to start getting things in order. It could be learning a new skill, detoxifying or getting organized. Capricorn wants to be self-sufficient. People will be returning from the past for healing. Don’t dismiss them but work on seeing and clearing the lesson. This doesn’t mean you necessarily have to interact with them but work on seeing the underlying issue that is trying to be brought to your attention.

Mercury will be going back into Sagittarius so that the outdated beliefs or fears that you discover can be put to rest. Mercury stationing in Sagittarius will also give you a boost of optimism. You’ll see yourself as expansive and abundant and ready to tackle that mountain as Mercury goes back over that same territory in Capricorn in forward motion.

Use this time wisely because once Mercury goes direct on January 8 (which is a 1 day in numerology), there will be a window until February 5 in which all the major planets are direct. Things will start shifting and there are many new opportunities ahead. The universe is asking that you be ready to grab them. If you don’t clear the issues that are being brought up for you now, you might be too stuck in fear and your old ways to move forward when these golden opportunities arise. Things will be moving fast. February will be an especially challenging month that promises a lot of shifting energy. Embrace this Mercury Rx to get you prepared for the new energy of 2017

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