A Message to the Divine Feminine

So much is currently happening with the feminine energy and I am being guided to share a message with you. Earlier in the week, a message came through regarding the masculine, now it is your turn. In truth, you are doing so much to help the masculine as well as navigating your own transformation. This message is about staying in the vibration of unconditional love and how important that is towards helping them heal and to creating what you are manifesting together. We are in a potent window of manifestation now and you are being guided to fully stand in your power.

The feminine is truly being challenged right now. Many are ready to quit. The dark night of the soul has visited many over the last several weeks. The reason you feel so discouraged is because it is necessary for you to feel where you are restricted as this will show where you are giving your power away.

I spoke about Saturn being square the Nodes of Destiny two weeks ago and while it is no longer exact, it’s still in effect. This week Venus is squaring the Nodes of Destiny, as well as Neptune and forming a conjunction with Saturn. This is intensify the feelings of restriction, especially around love and abundance. Unfortunately, this is a necessary step. Part of your initiation involves living the experience, not just learning about it. This is how you are going to be able to guide others through this process.

The tendency when you feel the pain of restriction is to project those feelings onto something outside of yourself. This gives away your power. It’s very important this week to take your power back. No one controls any aspect of your life except you.

When you feel the pain, stop and ask yourself where the pain is coming from. The past patterning you have taken on seeks to blame heartbreak on someone else. If you are a twin flame, you will blame your twin. If only they would do A, B or C, you’d be happy. That is you handing your power to them and saying fix it for me. Instead, ask yourself what is in you that somehow feels less than because of something they are doing. Nothing they do can fundamentally change who you are. It doesn’t make you less lovable. It can’t stop you from moving forward. Extend unconditional love to self. You don’t need anyone to validate your worthiness for love.

Its time for the feminine to be fully empowered, not in order to overthrow the masculine, but to heal the masculine. Feminine, you are doing amazing amounts of transmutation right now around the masculine. They need your help balancing the energy as they go through their shift. This is very important! Keep reminding yourself of this, it will help you get through this shift.

This is your challenge, even when it may feel as if your heart is being shattered, stay in the vibration of unconditional love. The only way to do that it is to retain your power. You are going to feel different emotions but don’t let them take you over. You are also transmuting, so not every emotion you feel is your own. This is another reason why you need to detach yourself somewhat from what is going on around you.

Before Venus makes her exact conjunction to Saturn, she is going to square Neptune. This is happening now but will be exact on the 25th. This is showing you how your idealized concepts of love are restricting you. Neptune-Venus is unconditional love in its higher octave but the lower octave is fairy tale romance, poor boundaries, and dependency. These concepts are creating a disconnect between how you think things should go in your mind versus how things are really going.

Think about it, how much of your heartbreak and anxiety is created because things are not going the way you have envisioned it? Or it is not on your timeline? Perhaps because things are not taking the traditional route? You are not here to take the traditional route, you are here to create unconditional love and unconditional love transcends human egos.

Unconditional love is what is needed to heal and raise the masculine. They need your compassion, even when it appears they are rejecting you and your love. It’s a lot to ask but you are ready to make this shift. When Venus squares the Nodes of Destiny next week, you can break the past patterns and move in this new direction.

At first, it may feel as though staying in love is actually giving your power away but that is not the case. Unconditional love allows you to step out of your emotions. Emotions are what trigger the feelings of powerlessness. When you can step out of the emotions, it frees you from worrying about what the other person is doing. You just love them regardless therefore you can release ego judgments around them and the situation.

That doesn’t mean you don’t have boundaries! If you find that is the case, you are back in the old patterns. Unconditional love is when you love them enough to let them go if that is needed.

I get asked this question all the time, “Why do you say that I am manifesting my future but then say that I have to let go?” Sound paradoxical? This is beautifully illustrated by the energy this week.

This week is a powerful window for manifestation as we lead up to the Scorpio New Moon. Your creation is rapidly coming to fruition. That is why these patterns must be broken. If you stay in fear and doubt you will be creating more of what you fear.

It was specifically shown to me that the words you speak and write this week are particularly important. Remember, you are healing the Earth, let your words reflect that. Don’t get pulled into arguments or judgments of others. You are the embodiment of unconditional love!

How you create your reality is through what you choose to give your attention to. Don’t give your attention to that which you don’t want more of. You are going to stay in the vibration of love because in that vibration you just KNOW that all is happening in your highest good. You know that you have planted a seed that the universe is now growing. This knowing is what the feminine energy is all about. Any fear that comes up is letting you know you have shifted out of that alignment of love and knowing.

On the flip side, you are going to let go of HOW your creation is going to come to you. Remember how Venus and Neptune were creating an idealization of love and how love was going to come to you? If you are stuck in that mindset, you are blocking it from coming to you by trying to control what is happening with preconceived ideas based on past beliefs or experiences.

The message I received is what you have been trying to attract is not going to come to you in the way you expect it to. Think of all the factors that are working together here; the balancing of the masculine and feminine, the healing, growing into your power, shifting into unconditional love, your transformation, their transformation, the beginning of your new life, and on and on. Our human minds can’t even fathom how many things are intertwining and aligning at any giving moment. How could you possibly know the best way to manifest your dream? Luckily, you don’t need to as the universe has it all under control if you can just get out of your own way. This is how you let go in order to manifest.

This is going to take effort. Breaking old patterns is never easy but there is a lot of potential in the current energy to free yourself! I’ve mentioned the term “sovereignty” a few times recently, including in the full moon releasing prayer I wrote for the Aries full moon. To be sovereign means you have supreme power over your life and everything in it. Claim your sovereignty now. Stay balanced and in your power while also being compassionate. Connect with your inner knowing that all is aligning for you regardless of any external circumstances in your life. You are the divine feminine and you are shifting the planet.

Channeled by Marla Kelly
October 22, 2016

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  2. I cannot believe the impact this article is having on me right now. I needed to read this back on October 22, 2016 – that very exact date. It is still helping me now though and has brought some wonderful realizations and confirmations. Thank you, Marla, so very much. xoxo

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