A Message from Metatron on Co-Creating Your Reality

First and foremost, you are here to ascend, this is more important than union and the primary focus of your journey. Now, ascending means being able to access multiple dimensions and becoming the co-creator that you were born to be. You are relearning that you are not a victim of your circumstances but must rise above them in order to create a new reality for yourself and the planet. This is what you agreed to do in this life time regardless of whether you will merge in 3D with your twin flame, soul mate or heart opener.
Many get very confused because there are so many teachers teaching so many different things. Is it my twin flame or not? Will I be with my twin flame or not? What should I do with my karmic partner? Is this a narcissist? Is this a false twin? Is there one twin flame or multiple twin flames? Do twin flames even exist? Am I living in a fairy tale? Would my twin flame hurt me? What if my twin flame doesn’t choose me? We could go on like this for a while and many of you often do in your head.
One of the reasons there are different teachers teaching different things is this, you are a co-creator of your reality, if there was one teaching that was the one way to do this, then you would only have one option and that wouldn’t offer much in the way of co-creativity would it? But if you have many options to choose from you have many ways in which to create your desires. Many of you are looking for solid answers, yes or no, black or white, right or wrong, that does not and can not exist in a multidimensional reality such as is being created on Earth at this time.
This is why there are many varied experiences among you. If there were only one experience of this “reality” then your human mind would attempt to put it into the framework of “this is how we do this.” There can be no programing allowed in the process of ascension because this will again begin to erode your growth as a co-creator. This growth is dependent on the removal of mental limitation placed on you from society, ancestry, family, religion, philosophy, schools and past life experiences.
Many of you have contracted with a twin flame, soul mate or heart opener to accelerate your removal of the false programs. At this point it doesn’t matter what you call this person. What is important is that you don’t get lost in them but find yourself. This is the only way to co-create an experience of great love. For some this will be with your twin flame. For others it might be with someone else but rest assured that if you work towards your ascension and becoming that wise co-creator, then you can create a relationship based on divine love. So you see there is no reason to fret and worry. It is understood that you love this person very much, that was what was needed to push you into removal of all the programming that prevented you from fully accessing your multidimensional self but trust us when we say that as you heal, you will create a magical relationship with someone and the love with that person will be like no other and that we will help prepare you for whatever eventuality you shall face in future.
Let’s step back to the teacher’s and teachings that are out there. We see many of you getting very confused and frustrated. This feels to be at a very high level right now because of the energetic shifting that is taking place. As these energies align you are shifting directions quicker and quicker. Being asked to choose what you are creating faster and faster and many options are being given to you.
There are many different paths. Not everyone falls under the same heading. Again we wish to tell you not to get lost in too many labels or programs at the current time. You can not see the same perspective that we above you see. You must trust us and your guides to be your eyes and ears right now. Everything that you are trying to fit under the term “twin flame” is more than just this one experience. It’s like the term “soul mate” which can mean many things. Right away your mind is probably stepping in isn’t it? Getting nervous that this label you have created for yourself might be false. The label doesn’t matter right now. What we are trying to say to you is that there are many paths and one path is not better than the other and ALL paths lead to love and ALL paths have the ability to create great love, so fret not about details and titles.
Now, these teachers have different paths and experiences to share with you. There is no right or wrong, only experiences for you to choose from. Still, we advise you not to follow blindly. Remember, you are here has a co-creator! What you create is guided by that which is around you. This is where you tune into your heart and ask yourself how that guidance makes you feel? Does it make you feel happy? Does it make your heart beat faster? Do you get goosebumps? Or do you feel confused? Angry? Does it not vibrate with something you had picked up for yourself? These are only a few of the signs you should look for. You should feel in alignment. That is not to say that sometimes you won’t come across information that triggers you. There is a time for such things, but those triggers are there to shake you up and make you question something. Just because you’re triggered, doesn’t mean that you were wrong from what your belief was, only a chance for you to be offered another choice and you decide whether to take it or not.
We remind you that you are the creator therefore if you neglect your own intuition in favor of the teachings of a specific person, then are you creating your own experience or are you creating a prototype of their experience? Use teachers as a support for your own knowing and not as a crutch or excuse to avoid looking within and finding your own answers. Sometimes one teaching will resonate with you for a while and then it no longer does. It’s possible for this to shift as you travel higher along your path. Different teachers will help you expand in different ways as needed just has you will also help expand those around you, for jointly you are like a stone thrown into a pond and rippling outwards in energy. The love experience you have gone through is there to help you set better boundaries and become authentic so that you can intuit your own higher self and follow your own souls path. This is all part of becoming a multidimensional being.
We bring this to your attention right now because of the shifting energy. We wish to remind you that you are very powerful in creating your experience. Many of you have little idea of just how powerful you are or you wouldn’t use the words that you do. Your energy is very powerful but many are not using it mindfully. We understand this is all very new and you are mavericks in this, that is why we remind you and guide you.
All the speaking of pain, anger and unforgiveness will create more of that and it can spread like a virus. What you think and speak is what you create in your reality. Now, if one is going through a purging process, that is one thing, it’s quite another to choose to live in pain and become a victim of your situation. There are others on this path that have and are transcending pain and victimization. This is the path of choosing love. It can be done and if you need their assistence asks your guides to help you find one on your vibration. Be uplifting to each other and support each other in your faith. Shift away from those that don’t support you in that.
It is always your choice.
Channeled by Marla Kelly
November 16, 2017
All Rights Reserved

15 Comments on “A Message from Metatron on Co-Creating Your Reality”

  1. Absolutely beautiful, and exactly aligned with what I have been feeling for the past few weeks. Thank you for sharing this message with us Marla.

  2. Lovely Message .
    Thank you so much Marla.

    Apart from ascending.. i also feel that if being with the twin makes people happy… things should move in that direction. Whereas Arcangel Meatron says it is “not” important whether we union or not :-). Then who is going to create “Fairy tales” and beautiful stories of union which will spread their fragrance across the earth..
    Of course these pairs will have a lot to contribute apart from creating a beautiful story together on earth paving way for others to believe in joyous love stories and companionship…

    1. Yes, union will come but focus on ascension first and union then become a bi-product of it but if we only focus on union and not ascension, it will be difficult to impossible to get to union.

  3. One of the most uplifting messages I’ve read in a long time!
    Pretty much clarifies all that my flame & I have “known” to be our reality for years. As challenging as it’s been, this is what keeps our love burning bright, together as one we create & conquer love!
    Thank~You for receiving and sharing these enlightening words of wisdom. ???

  4. This is so perfect. I am at a loss for words…? It’s just beautiful and perfect. ? Saving to read again…and again.

  5. Makes sense Marla , when you say focus on ascension first and then union becomes a bi product 🙂 Thanks for this lovely input <3

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