Message for Twin Souls February 27, 2017

I’m feeling called to deliver a message tonight as I see so many of you struggling over the last few days and really, since the beginning of the month. I want you to know that all is well.

I am feeling and seeing in my private readings with clients that the 5th dimensional union of twin souls is very strong and potent. Not only are the masculine and feminine energies balancing beautifully, they are beginning to manifest the change everyone has been waiting for.

The problem is, these changes are not necessarily what we would wish for with our 3rd dimensional mind. Spirit has been telling me this would happen for many months and why its been heavily suggested to release expectations and let go. There is a much bigger picture unfolding than you can see at this vantage point.

Both the masculine and feminine energies are being challenged. You’ve been taught to expect certain things and this is definitely not what your mind was expecting. It will force you to let go of your old beliefs and patterns. It’s time to teach a new way and the best way to teach something is to experience it.

It may look and feel as if things are out of control, that they are moving backwards but really the energy of your union is in control. Trust is the key word right now. Your hard work is manifesting the plan you created prior to your incarnation. The plan to get you to the place you need to be in the most efficient way.

So whatever is happening in your life, no matter how deeply your faith is being tested, there is nothing to fear. It’s part of the plan. Just ride the wave. What appears to be an ending, is a new beginning in disguise.


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