Mutual Support

Look up in the night sky,

you’ll find me there.

Your North Star, your compass, your guiding light.

When you feel lost, follow me,

for I am leading you home.

No matter which direction you go,

I am always there.

When clouds roll in, creating darkness and obscuring my light,

find me in your minds eye.

My directions are within you,

for I am your intuition.


I look down towards Earth,

I see you standing there.

My anchor, my mighty oak, my strength.

When I am unsure I feel for your steadfastness.

There is safety in knowing I can never wander too far from my home.

No matter how far I travel,

I am tethered to you.

The stronger you are, the higher I go.

When stormy winds blow, threatening my course

I am not afraid,

for you are my courage.


Written in love,

Marla Kelly




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