My Apollo

High and bright as the Sun,

you illuminate hidden places.

Show me there is light in darkness, my Apollo.

That there is acceptance of every secret fear.

In your brilliance, nothing but love can exist.

I feel your energy within,

it permeates me to the very core,

like the heat of a lovers embrace.

Your light heals me from the inside out.

It activates my very DNA.

Rouse me from my slumber,

return me to the magic of life

and free me from the heavy burdens of the past.

I have become your oracle,

because I know our past and our future,

I stay anchored in the present moment.

When night bears down on me,

I know it’s just your temporary withdrawal.

An opportunity for me to shine brighter.

Slowly you have burned away the layers

behind which I have hidden myself.

My heart awakens, engulfed in your radiance.

No longer am I the new moon,

afraid to match your power.

I have become the full moon,

bright and pure.

The perfect reflection of my golden Apollo.

Written by Marla Kelly

October 22, 2019 (All rights reserved)

Artwork: Apollo and the Continents (detail) by Giovanni Battista Tiepolo

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