New Moon in Capricorn: Timelines Grounding and Doors Opening

The New Moon in Capricorn on January 16, is the beginning stages of the new timelines grounding. Through this energy new doors are preparing to open as we head into the coming eclipses on January 31 and February 15. Be aware of your energy at all times, use discernment in what choices you are making, let go of resistance to what is coming. I’ve also done a complete tarot spread for DM and DF to give you a clear sense about what is going on. Changes are beginning to happen with karmic partnerships for DM and DF.
It’s a long video but it can easily be broken up and viewed in parts…
Part One: Astrology up first
Part Two: Channeled Messages @ 31:20
Part Three: Tarot Starts @ 48:00

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I am using the decks:
Divine Feminine and Masculine Reunited by Christabel Jessica
Keepers of the Light by Kyle Gray
Romance Angels Oracle by Doreen Virtue
Journey of Love by Alana Fairchild

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11 Comments on “New Moon in Capricorn: Timelines Grounding and Doors Opening”

  1. Marla…
    Thanks for such an elaborate explanation of many things. Beautiful vibrations as always. Thanks for the time and energy 🙂

  2. So informative and makes So much sense to what I have been intuitively feeling for a long time now . I took 14 pages of notes . Thank you for doing what you do Marla . You have No idea how helpful and reassuring it is . Your authenticity shines through. Sending Love and Blessings to you .

  3. Reasonted with your words so precisely .Yes, it long but well worth time I have a new perspective you described my TF with perfection and great depth. Thank you from all my heart and being.

  4. Brilliant video! As always, when I have a tough day, seeing one of your videos makes the journey seem light and purposeful. One also stops feeling like by the understanding you give us on the context and global picture of things.
    Thank you Marla!

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