New Moon Ritual

I want to encourage everyone to do a NEW MOON ritual over the next couple days to set intentions at this powerful Virgo New Moon Solar Eclipse. New Moons bring new beginnings into your life. As eclipses are conjunct the Nodes of Destiny, they help get us focus on our soul path. This eclipse is on the North Node, this is where growth occurs. A solar eclipse is 3 times more powerful than a regular new moon. It occurs September 1, 5:03 am EST (this is 9:03 UTC). This is your chance to set the tone for the next SIX months. Make it has elaborate or simple as you like. I will share what I do but feel free to make it your own.
1. Find a quiet space and light a candle. Burn sage if you feel you need to cleanse the area.
2. Call in whoever you are comfortable with; God, deities, Archangels, your angels or guides.
3. Make a written list of what you hope to grow in your life in the next six months. Make sure they are affirmative. Avoid using negative terminology, such as, “I don’t”, “I can’t” or “I won’t”.
Here are some examples……
I AM ready to embrace my mission and calling.
I AM manifesting my vision.
I AM moving forward on my journey.
I AM making myself the priority.
! AM open to receive total abundance.
Make them as grand or simple as you want but keep the list fairly short.
4. Spend some time meditating on your goals. See and feel yourself achieving them.
5. Read you list every day until the full moon. Take small steps towards your goal.
6. On the full moon, burn your list, knowing you have set it into motion.
Another great way to usher in the energy is to take a salt bath. I have read that this is traditional in some cultures and may help with the electro-magnetic energy. You can add crystals and essential oils to your bath also to help you recharge (just make sure they are not water soluble). Visualize old or stagnant energy being washed away.
Feel free to share your own ideas in the comments.
Marla x

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