The New Moon in Scorpio on November 11, 2015: Merge Ahead


On November 11th, we are experiencing a powerful New Moon at 19’01 Scorpio. New Moons are new beginnings. This one lands on the auspicious date of 11-11-8, which promises to be an important energetic gateway. Many twin flames see 11:11 regularly as a sign of synchronistic events and awakenings. When we see 11:11, it is time to pay attention to our thoughts because that is what we are manifesting. The year, 2015, adds up to 8, the karmic number of balance and karma.

This New Moon is occurring in the sign of Scorpio. Scorpio or the 8th house, rules transformations, death, sex, metaphysics, regeneration and other peoples money. It is under this influence that the Sun and the Moon are meeting. Scorpio is a water sign. Think of a river meeting the sea. You don’t know where one begins and one ends. It is the same with sexual intimacy, which Scorpio rules. As the Sun represents the masculine and the Moon the feminine, this is the complete merging of these two principles. The Taurus Full Moon was so important in that it prepared us for this merging by really making us clear on our individuality.

The Sabian symbol for the New Moon is, “A woman drawing aside two dark curtains that closed the entrance to a sacred pathway.”* Continuing with the theme of merging, this Sabian can be seen in one respect to represent the female reproductive organs as a sacred pathway to the goddess and where two become one. The feminine energy is usually considered as hidden as it is internal and receptive. This is one reason why the goddess has be feared throughout history. This also suggests things that were once hidden coming to light. This can be making what was once unconscious, conscious, and we can even view the Sun as representing the conscious and the Moon representing the unconscious. You may have to face something you hadn’t seen before. This can represent messages from spirit or your higher self showing you what path you should be taking. Lynda Hill, an expert on the Sabian symbols says, “Mysteries revealed, sometimes after a long wait.” Expect something to come to light, even though the Moon is dark.

The New Moon is forming a pattern called a yod, otherwise known as a finger of god because it is considered fated and beyond our control. The yod consists of the Sun/Moon sextile Jupiter and both quincunx Uranus. This is calling for a huge level of expansion and all that energy being focused on Uranus. This is a big shift in beliefs around ourselves and how we are going to partner. Taking ourselves and our beliefs in a radical new direction and not being afraid to stand alone when needed. Uranus cares little for what other people think. Depending on your individual chart, this aspect can cause a sudden awaking, too.

Jupiter is still opposing Chiron and both are aspecting the New Moon. This is healing energy but as Jupiter is expansion energy, it can make us very conscious of exactly what our wounds are. While this can be a painful process. It isn’t until we makes these wounds conscious though that we can begin to heal them. While having them aspect the Sun and the Moon makes this a very personal process, Chiron in Pisces is very connected to the collective consciousness as well and the last few years have seen twin flames doing work on healing that. Asteroid Solidarity, is here as well, conjunct Jupiter at 17’20 Virgo, proving we are all in this together, working for humanity as one.

The Nodes of Destiny will change signs on 11-11, from Libra (relationships) to Virgo (service). We have learned everything we need to about the new template of relationships and now we are going to serve humanity by being the first ones to put it into practice. We should feel a big shift around this energy. Venus and Mars are still in aspect and now on the North Node, too. Venus is in her own sign of Libra now which makes her very powerful. With Venus and Mars on the North Node, watch for fated events around men and women.

Supporting this New Moon is Saturn and Neptune, who are squaring each other. This aspect is about making the seemingly impossible into a reality. Neptune is our ideal, our vision and Saturn helps us manifest it into reality. How many of you have asked yourself, “Is this real or am I making this all up?” We are going to begin to see this isn’t made up as things begin to show up in our lives.

Venus is conjunct her son, Anteros, god of requited love and aspecting Saturn and Neptune. Venus and Anteros sextile Saturn is helping us face our fears around love. We thought we faced them all when Saturn was in Scorpio but apparently there are still a few more lingering around. Overcoming the Saturn fears is helping Venus and Anteros move toward Neptune’s energy. Venus, Neptune and Anteros are pure, unconditional love.

We have many asteroids making aspects on the 11th. Conjunct Saturn and aspecting Neptune are two fate asteroids, Destinn (the asteroid is spelled with two n’s) and Abundantia, the Roman goddess of Abundance. Abundantia, carries a cornucopia that always overflows, proving there is enough for all. These are great omens to show that we are manifesting our desires.

We have THREE incredible asteroid conjunctions to the New Moon. The first is Alma, which represents the soul, at 18’24 Scorpio. This is on the degree before the moon, or the karmic degree as Lynda Hill refers to it, and also helps illuminate the meaning of the moon. The Sabian here is, “A parrot listening and then talking, repeats a conversation he has over heard.” Since the asteroid here is Alma, this would be a channeled message coming through from your higher self.

Next, on the degree of the Sun and Moon, separated by only on minute, is the asteroid Moira at 19’00 Scorpio. This asteroid represents the Moirai or Fates from Greek mythology. The Fates hand out man’s destiny or his allowed portion. Moira shows up during fated events.

Thirdly, we have asteroid Union conjunct at 20’15 Scorpio. This asteroid doesn’t need explaining, it represents a union. This is on the degree following the New Moon. The Sabian is, “Obeying his conscience, a soldier resists orders.” Here we see someone going against “orders”. This represents going against conventional society. Standing up for what one believes is right. The conscience can be seen as our higher self and shows we are listening to it even if that means going against the dictates of society. If we look at all three symbols we see a certain order. We get the message from higher self, that leads us onto our sacred path and we trust the voice and follow the path that calls to us at all cost. The path that leads into union and towards mission. If we take the meanings very literally, we have a fated, soul union on this beautiful New Moon in the sign of merging with the other.

Another representation in the chart of the merging of male and female energies is asteroid Kali at 28’45 Cancer and asteroid Shiva at 28’27 Aquarius, forming a quincunx aspect. One way to interpret Kali is shakti, female energy and Shiva is male energy, simply called shiva. Shiva is pure consciousness and shakti is action. They merge in order to create the universe and the cycle of creation and destruction. They are not quite balanced in the quincunx. On January 11, 2016 or 1-11, they form a trine pattern, suggesting a harmonious flow of energy between them by that time. As everything in the universe is shakti and shiva, you also need to balance your internal shiva and shakti energies. Asteroid Kali is also one of the asteroids of awakening as shakti is kundalini energy.

Vesta, who as the keeper of the sacred flame and goddess of devotion, is very important to twin flames. Vesta is conjunct the South Node and has been for a while. Now, in addition to being opposite the North Node, she is opposite Venus and Mars, too. Vesta represents the sacred sexual. The original Vestal Virgins were not really virgins. The term virgin was used to describe women who didn’t belong to any man. They initiated chosen men into sacred sexual rites in the name of the goddess. Do you have the amount of devotion necessary to go forward? Are you willing to make the sacrifices needed to join the merging of the masculine and feminine energy? Can you embrace the sacred sexual even if means going against cultural standards? Again, the sacred sexual rites are about merging the dual energies for creative purpose.

The asteroid Atlantis has been very active as it traveled through Sagittarius. Now it moves into Capricorn, conjuncting Pallas Athene and squaring the Nodes of Destiny. Most twin flames had lives in Atlantis and at this time we are bringing knowledge gained from that time forward. Pallas is helping us remember as she rules the third eye and patterns. Atlantis also trines asteroid Excalibur. Excalibur represents our mission and the switch from Leo to Virgo coincides with twin flames being asked to take a more active role in their mission. Remember, Virgo rules services, so we are definitely getting the call. The trine to Atlantis suggests that there is some aspect of our mission being brought from that period.

Lastly, we have Pluto, ruler of Scorpio, squaring his soulmate Persephone. Pluto abducted Persephone and carried her off to the underworld. Her mother, Ceres, the goddess of agriculture, was so distraught she refused to grow anything and the earth fell into a famine. Eventually, it was agreed that Persephone would spend six months in Hades and six months with Ceres. When Persephone is in Hades, Ceres refuses to grow anything and that is why everything dies in the fall and regenerated in the spring. They are the perfect couple to oversee these merging and transformative energies.

How this effects you will depend on your personal chart and where you are in your journey. For everyone, I feel there will be a new level of balance reached between the masculine and feminine on an internal level. This energy needs to balanced in order to handle the energy associated with reunion. Many are going to feel a strengthening of the spiritual connection with their twin flames. If you have not merged with your twin flame on a physical or etheric level yet, you may experience that now. Some twins will be reaching out in the physical and some will experience a deepening in their current level of interactions. More and more twin flames are going to be waking up and beginning to come to terms with their feelings. Even if you are already in union, it will be taken to another level. All are being called to their missions now and the balance of the masculine and feminine helps us create and manifest.

*Information on the Sabian symbols based on “360 Degree’s of Wisdom” by Lynda Hill

Written by Marla Kelly 11-5-15

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