The North Node in Virgo

On 11-11 the North Node switches from Libra, where it has been since February 19, 2014, to Virgo. The North and South Nodes of Destiny, sometimes called the Dragons head and Dragons tail, are two points in the astrology chart that form an axis. They are always opposite each other. They represent where the path of the Moon cross the path of the Sun. As the Sun and the Moon are the two most important points in the chart, this represents our “destiny”. In the natal chart, the North Node represents ones life purpose. The Nodes always travels counterclockwise, the opposite of the rest of the chart.

While the Nodes were on the Libra/Aries axis, we were learning about relationships, others versus the self, diplomacy versus self-centeredness, selflessness versus selfishness, co-operation versus impulsiveness. It is never about one being right and the other wrong either. It is about learning how to balance the energies of the North Node versus the South Node.

Now our focus moves to a new area, service. Virgo’s rules the 6th house and its motto is “I analyze”. While Capricorn rules career, Virgo rules the nuts and bolts of everyday working life, such as organization. It rules health and hygiene. Care-taking and pets also falls under the sixth house. You will be looking at issues such as whether you are present in the now or escaping through drugs, alcohol or other vices. Are you organized or are you scattered? How is your diet? Are you eating healthy and exercising? Are you taking action towards your goals or are you blaming someone else for your lack of success? We are going to be called to look at these areas and grow, especially with Saturn squaring Virgo/Pisces in Sagittarius. Virgo gives us the skills we need to succeed in the world.

This is also going to be a very healing time. Virgo rules healing and Chiron is considered by some to be a co-ruler of Virgo. Chiron is traveling through Pisces opposing Virgo adding his healing energy. We are going to be looking at alternative medicines and treatments more and more. Cures for disease might be developed. This will also be a healing time for Mother Earth as we begin to realize our responsibilities for being the caretakers of this beautiful planet and all the creatures that inhabit it. Animal welfare is also likely to figure prominently.

All this focus on the everyday and mundane will be balanced through further spiritual growth. Remember, the Nodes are about balance so we need to balance Virgo with Pisces. How can one stay grounded while also being connected to spirit? How do we help others without draining our own energy? How will we be logical and analytical while also having faith in that which can’t be seen? How can we balance discernment without being overly judgmental? Pisces rules that which is hidden; monasteries, hospitals, prisons, places we are isolated but Virgo energy is about sharing our knowledge in co-operation with others.

For twin flames, this means we are being called to our mission. I am seeing so many of you taking steps to serve; writing, making videos, doing healing’s, creating groups and pages. So many of you trying to inspire others. It’s beautiful to see. If you aren’t sure what your mission is yet that’s okay. You will discover it while the Node is in Virgo. It’s wonderful to be on the spiritual path but not much use if we don’t share what we learn. We are here to show the way and that means living our truth regardless of what others think. I know many of you have always known that you are meant for something far bigger then just a 9-5 job.

The Virgo/Pisces axis is what is going to help us manifest our dreams and goals into reality. We create our dreams in Pisces and Virgo has the tools we need to bring them about in 3d reality. Neptune, who is in Pisces from 2011 to 2026, is inspiring our dreams and connecting us to our higher purpose. Saturn, who is transiting in Sagittarius, is squaring Virgo and Pisces and helping make that dream into reality. For example, if your dream is to be a healer, you don’t just wake up one day and say you’re a healer. You need training on energy and the chakras, you need equipment, information on being self employed, getting clients, creating a schedule, etc. That is what Virgo excels at. Jupiter is also in Virgo encouraging teaching, learning, expansion, luck and optimism. We can’t NOT succeed with these three giants working with us.

Finally, the North and South Nodes move onto new Sabian Symbols. The North Node is on 30 Virgo, “Having an urgent task to complete, a man doesn’t look to any distractions.” We need to stay focused on the task at hand. I know so many of you are tired and wanting to quit but we are almost there! Now is not the time to get distracted. The South Node moves to 30 Pisces, “A majestic rock formation resembling a face is idealized by a boy who takes it as his ideal of greatness; as he grows up, he begins to look like it.” This is one of the most powerful Sabian’s in the zodiac. The South Node is our past, including past incarnations, so we see that the vision we had idealized throughout all our history, is finally being realized. WE ARE MANIFESTING! We can become whatever we choose!

To really give us initiative, the first planet the North Node meets in Virgo is Mars. This coincides with the New Moon 11-11 Gateway. We are really going to feel the need to take action and put something into motion regarding our mission. Whatever stage of mission or union you are in right now, the most important thing you can do is follow your intuition. You are being guided to who and what you need to follow your path. Your mission will always involve what you are passionate about and what you are good at. So watch for the signs and get ready to heed the call of your soul!

*Information on the Sabian Symbols from the book “360 Degrees of Wisdom” by Lynda Hill.

Written by Marla Kelly 11-11-15

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