Notes on the Channeled Message “How Many Twin Flames Do We Have/Why Does Info Conflict”

While many people experienced my recent channeled message as it was intended, in the frequency of love and light, others have chosen to to use it to spread false information about me. They claim I have an agenda to start teaching that everyone has multiple twin flames. This is false and not anything I have ever said. I have no such agenda.

I stand by my message that was channeled with the guidance of several archangels. I brought this message through clearly and purely as it was intended. No where in that message does it state we all have multiple twin flames nor what my personal belief system is. While I don’t feel I should have to defend myself, I do want to share what I felt the intention of the message was for those that have placed their trust in me over the years and would be swayed by misinformation.

The channeling is about manifestation and preparing us for the increased manifestation power that is coming in now and through out the summer months. The message is about the nature of reality and how our thoughts and beliefs determine our reality. It is about being able to maintain confidence in your intuition in the face of conflicting information so you may maintain your high vibration and not allow detraction from your personal manifestation power. It’s about trying to create understanding with our brothers and sisters who might be experiencing something that currently defies any labels. It’s about following your own path and speaking your truth while allowing others the freedom to do the same. It’s about knowing you can move about between labels and beliefs systems when needed without worry in order grow and learn and that doesn’t mean you have to fundamentally change.

This is essentially the same message I have shared for individual twin flame unions but now on a wider, community scale. Many of you have read an article I did in the past about maintaining your knowing in your individual union despite what 3d obstacles or conflicting messages you are receiving from your twin flame. We have to learn to stay strong in vibration and not let others pull it down, whether that is one person or many, while staying open hearted.

If we see others has separate from us because their experience is different from ours than we are creating separation within ourselves. As within, so without. Personally, I am grateful for this channeled message because it opened my eyes to where I have not been open in my own heart when people were sharing their journey because it was not of the same belief system I had. I was unable to hear any part of their message and felt I needed to defend against it, as if another’s experience could somehow invalidate my own!

No matter what others are called to do, it doesn’t invalidate our experience or union. When I have allowed myself to open up to people who have different experiences from me because of religion, nationality, political ideology, sexual orientation, etc, it has been a growth experience for me, allowing me to expand while not fundamentally changing me. It simply opened my heart in compassion and camaraderie.

My only agenda is to help everyone that has had a heart awakening, whether through a twin flame, twin soul, soul mate, catalyst, false twin, I don’t really care how they define it, to continue to open their heart, speak their truth and walk their path. Should I turn people away because their experience doesn’t fit within my belief system or what I have experienced? As a light worker I must do my best to embrace all with unconditional love.

Some have said that my message gives people false hopes because those that aren’t “true twin flames” will somehow be lead astray because they are living in an illusion. Who am I to judge whether what others feel is right or wrong? Real or an illusion? If they ask me for a reading I will tell them my honest assessment but it seems a slippery slope to believe it’s my place to sit in judgment of other peoples reality. Don’t many people outside of this community judge all of us and believe we are all living some kind of illusion?

If they are under an illusion that is their own lesson and this was addressed in the channeling. We will always come back to our right path, we only take detours for growth purposes. We can only witness from our earthly perspective and as the angels have shared, we don’t see the whole picture from where we are. Perhaps a person joins the twin flame community under what others term an illusion but they begin to learn about self love and empowerment though what they read here and later on, through what they learned, are able to break free from an abusive karmic soulmate? That’s a win for love in my humble opinion.

So to me, the message was intended to create compassion, unconditional love and unity consciousness. If you do not resonate with that message, then as my own channeling states, say “No, thank you” to my messages and vibrate to those who you do resonate with. Part of my mission is to be a channel and I will continue to share messages as called whether or not they make me or anyone else uncomfortable, for it is in the discomfort that we are challenged to grow.

In love and service,
Marla x

2 Comments on “Notes on the Channeled Message “How Many Twin Flames Do We Have/Why Does Info Conflict””

  1. Beautiful Notes Marla..
    And the channeling made sense in every way when i heard it. At some point the boundaries , concepts, dissolve…and all that remains is love. And i clearly understood that sticking on to any concept either in twin flames, or soul mates or any other concept is like being in limitation.
    And it made even more sense..when your channeling said that we can choose what reality we wish to experience :-). That channeling was in deed beautiful.
    Thank you so much
    Lots of love :-

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