Pandora 8 Virgo square Union 8 Sagittarius

Pandora makes another appearance today, this time in square to asteroid Union. Pandora represents our curiosity getting the better of us. She is the bridge between thinking about change and acting on change. Interesting that Uranus, also the instigator of change, is stationed right now and will soon be in retrograde motion.
Squares create tension and this aspect is creating the tension in your life of do you want to open that box or not? To open that box is going to cause a firestorm in your life yet, you are dying to know what it could be like. Are you going to take that step toward it or not? Pandora is squaring Saturn, too, and that means there are lessons involved. To open this box, means you will no longer be able to hide. You must be your authentic self. You will have to let go of a lot of things you believed would always be there. And if you do, will your Union be there?
In the myth of Pandora’s box, after all the evils were unleashed on the world, she managed to save one thing, Hope. If you listened to the video I did with Carrie Turcotte, you know that you have something better than hope and what is in that box is what you have created with your twin flame. Will you open it?
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