Pisces Full Moon Eclipse: Releasing Past Life Karma

Full moons are important periods of release. Since the moon is at its brightest phase, it illuminates something that is no longer serving a purpose. This could be a behavior, belief, person or situation. Eclipses are 3X’s more powerful than a normal full moon, so this is a great time to celebrate the ending or culmination of some aspect in your life.

The Pisces full moon is intensifying the energy of release for a few different reasons. The sign Pisces is the last sign in the zodiac and it’s where we want to transcend this world. It marks the end of the cycle. This is a south node eclipse, which represents releasing past karma, those patterns, beliefs and people in your life that tend to keep you stuck in your old ways instead of moving forward towards your life purpose. This is truly a time of getting on board with your life’s purpose, so the old ways will be forced from you.

This year we had an important Mars retrograde. Mars was assisting Saturn in cleaning up those old belief systems that have kept you stuck.  Mars transited back into Scorpio to get to the root of those old beliefs. Scorpio is the sign that houses our long buried memories, the experiences from this life and others, that are too painful to face. Mars spent around a month at 23’ Scorpio trine to Chiron at 23’ Pisces. Chiron, is another area of your astrology chart that stores your past life memories, especially the ones that have caused the soul “wound” that you carry from incarnation to incarnation. Together, they were getting to the bottom of some very old karmic patterns. This transit occurred around June and early July of this year, so think back to what issues you were dealing with then.

Mars in now square to Chiron and the Pisces lunar eclipse is triggering it, as the Moon will be right next to Chiron and the Sun opposing. Whatever issues were brought up for you around the time of Mars’ direct station, are likely what issues you are going to be releasing now. Those karmic blocks will now be cleared away.

I always recommend people do a full moon releasing ceremony but I feel this is especially important at this time. There is a lot of power behind this eclipse for letting go of the past.

Here is a simply ceremony you can do.

~Clear your space and energy. Sage works great, so does reiki or do a clearing meditation.

~Write down on a piece of paper what you would like to release. It can be a behavior, belief, person or situation. You may want to spend a few minutes meditating on what you are releasing. Think about how it impacted your life in both positive and negative ways. Try to find gratitude for the lesson in it.

~Under the full moon, read your list and then burn it or tear it up, visualizing it being released. (Be safe!)

~End with a prayer or blessing.

Another way to end it, is to take a salt bath or a shower and imagine any old, stuck energy being washed away. You’re cleansing yourself both literally and energetically.

This is a big time of transition. Honor yourself and your process.

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