Protecting Your Energy from Cords and Hooks

Everything is energy. Your own energetic field is constantly interacting with everyone and everything around you. Protecting your energy everyday should be part of self care. As you take the time to work with your energy, you will become more accustom to noticing when it is being harmfully impacted. Cords and hooks are somethings you should be aware of.

Cords are energetic connections that form between two people. Sometimes these cords are formed from love and cause no harm but sometimes cords are formed through fear, anger, manipulation and other negative means. You are creating cords all the time as you interact with others. These cords need to be cleared from you in order to preserve your own energy body.

Hooks are formed when you allow other people to “hook” into your energy. One way others do this is by saying hurtful things. The whole idea of a hook is to try and take your power. They may put you down, make you feel unlovable or shame you. Empaths are often targeted because they unknowing allow others to play on their sympathy and make them feel guilty. Others can feed on your energy through these hooks and sometimes makes you sick or prevent you from moving on.

Hooks cannot become implanted in you unless you allow the other person to do it. Consciously or subconsciously you have given your permission for this person to feed on you. An important part of removing hooks is acknowledging that in some respect you have given your power away. Perhaps you are seeking validation from this person or feel you can somehow save them. Maybe you are a people pleaser and have a hard time saying no to anyone. Unless you remove your permission and stop the behavior that allowed them to hook into you in the first place, they can come back.

How do you know if someone is negatively impacting your energy? Here are a few examples:
You have a friend that is very needy. He contacts you everyday to listen to his issues. You feel tired and headachy after spending time with him.

Your co-worker is very negative. Whenever you talk she spends the entire conversation finding fault with everything. Being around her makes you feel frustrated and stressed out.

Your spouse belittles you and makes you feel as if everything is your fault. You know the relationship is unhealthy, yet you feel powerless to move on.

Even strangers can create cords or hooks with you. Facebook is a great place to have strangers hooking into your energy. Be careful who you interact with online. Many of you have “friends” you don’t know seeing your personal things and directing energy towards you that can create cords. People enjoy attacking each other there, too, and these episodes can create long lasting affects, so stay aware!

Past sexual partners can be a big drain on your energy through cords. Think about how intimately your energies are interacting through sex. It’s probably a good idea to severe cords with them especially if you are still carrying feelings for them or holding on to past hurts.

How can you protect yourself? Apart from taking back your power, there are some simple things you can do.

You can severe your own cords. Envision yourself surrounded by white light and tune into your second sight or feel for their placement and imagine yourself cutting them. Often they attach to the solar plexus, which is your power center, or your heart but they can be anywhere. You can imagine a sword, scissors, a beam of light or a crystal as a cutting tool. After they are cut, envision the white light healing and closing the wound.

For hooks, you can follow the same process except I recommend you gentle try to detach the hooks as they can be deeply embedded. You can send the hook back to the person it came from and visualize white light healing the area. Use the following statement, “I release this hook and return it to the person that sent it to me. I hereby revoke any permission I may have given, knowingly or unknowing, that allowed this person to take my power or drain my energy.” (Remember that you must stop the behavior that allowed the person to attach to you or they can hook into you again.)

This exercise is mostly about your intention so don’t worry about doing it wrong. Know that you can’t cut cords of love. Removing cords doesn’t remove the person from your life, just the unhealthy attachments to them.

If you have been wanting to remove someone from your life but haven’t been able to let go or are confused about how to move on, cutting cords is a good beginning step towards letting go of the attachment to each other. You may even envision the person at the other end of the cord and lovingly tell them that it is time to move on and you are letting them go in love. Do it has many times as you feel necessary. If you have been with someone for a long time, you will have to do it more than once. This will facilitate an easier and more peaceful detachment process.

Cords will grow back, especially if it is with someone that you are in contact with often. You can cut the cords on a regular basis but don’t become fearful or overprotective of yourself regarding them.  Fear can lower your vibration and put you in a space of negativity which will allow the cords to attach easier.  Cords are a natural process but when they become too many they drain energy and can lower your vibration.

If you don’t feel confident enough to do it yourself, you can call on Archangel Michael to use his flaming sword to cut them. In a relaxed state surround yourself with white light and call on Michael. Ask him to cut any cords of fear or negativity between you and others that are not in your highest good. You can then ask Archangel Raphael to heal any spots where the cords or hooks were attached.

I have also used the violet flame to clear cords and hooks. In a relaxed state, call on Archangel Zadkiel to assist you. Envision the violet flame surrounding you. I like to ask Zadkiel to ignite the flame in my heart and slowly see it expanding out until I am completely surrounded. Envision the cords being burned away and the flames sealing off the connections. When you feel you have cleared enough, ask Zadkiel to slowly retract the flames.

After clearing the attachments, you must follow up with shielding yourself at least once per day but hopefully more often. Shielding creates an energetic barrier around you. You can envision this barrier as made out of strong white light or crystal. Using a mirror is also affective as it sends any negative energy or projections back to the person. Really anything that makes you comfortable can be envisioned as a sheild. Remember, it’s mostly about intention.

It’s never a bad idea to drink more water and enjoy a purifying salt bath (or shower) after doing energy work.

These simple exercises should be enough but if you sense a very strong or stubborn cord you can call on a qualified energy healer to assist you.

I know that many of you are wondering if you can cut the cord with your twin flame. The answer is no. Twin flames are one soul split in two. To disconnect from them would be to disconnect from yourself and that would be so detrimental your higher self would not allow it. Trying to cut cords puts you in the position of the person sending out negative energy. That said, almost every twin flame as tried to cut the cord with their other half in a fit of anger. Trying once is usually enough as the pain that it brings on will not likely want to be experienced again. In fact, severing it only makes it grow back stronger.

As I stated earlier, you can’t cut cords of love. Obviously the cord with your twin is made from love. Nor can you severe cords of love with your children. You don’t need to worry that you will accidentally severe these cords. I do believe though, that you can sever cords related to fear, anger or other negative types of energies with them.

Removing cords and hooks can create subconscious anger in the other person. They may try to create drama with you in order to reconnect. The best thing to do is not buy into their games. Don’t allow yourself to be dragged back in. Remain calm. Reinforce your shield. Put your mirror in front of you and send their negativity back to them. It doesn’t have to be part of your life anymore. The less you react, the less enjoyment they will get out of it. When they can’t hook into your energy and feed anymore, they will move on to another victim.

Make it a habit to tune into your energy several times through out the day. The more you practice the easier it will become to know when you are being affected.

13 Comments on “Protecting Your Energy from Cords and Hooks”

  1. Beautiful information Marla 🙂 Thank you so much for the wonderful energies beneath this article.
    Is this a channelled message from Arc angel Micheal ?

  2. Hi Marla I and Jen met you at the twin flame conference in Chicago. I would like to chat or have a session with you

  3. Wonderful article and very timely. I am finding myself needing to be more careful with sharing in the online groups. This valuable information.

  4. If the cord between twin flames can’t be cut, what does it mean when you feel them pulling away energetically, and after that their energetic presence is missing?

    1. There are times when you will not feel your twins energy. This is not because the cord is disconnected but there are times when you higher self disconnects the “soul phone” because one is experience something painful that would hurt or distract the other. They will come back when it is cleared.

  5. Marla thankyou for your guidance until I watched your videos I thought Senial Dementia was evolving
    I am a 60 year old lady who found true love 3 years ago but he went into meltdown after 15 months and has kept away for two years .
    I have lost count now how many pyschics have told me he’s coming back and were on a twin flame journey but it’s very hard to separate the 3D from the Soul .
    If anyone had ever told me I would have a Brocken heart at 60 I would never have believed it !
    Cannot describe this to anyone the only people that could ever understand it are the twin flames on their own journey
    I look forward to following your readings and your messages and advice .
    God bless to you and all twin flames stay strong focused and believe your not alone


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  7. Hi , so how do you deal with a twin flame ghosting you after being engaged to you – and you losing your father but no contact . I need to cut this chord as it’s so painful and I neeed to move on . He’s blocked me so no closure no nothing .

    1. If you’re twin flames, cutting the cord will be more painful than what you are going through. Twin flames face periods of separation and although painful, it’s how growth happens. You’re better off using ho’oponopono to release the negative feelings.

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