Protecting Your Sexual Energy

Please use discernment when it comes to low vibration sexuality. Sex is powerful energy. The patriarchy and dark forces have demeaned sex not only for women, but for men, too. They have done this by taking the sacredness out of it and replacing it with lewdness. The prevalence of porn and media driven sexuality as turned sex into something emotionless, women are used as one dimensional body parts, men are viewed has driven only by their animalistic desires. They make you believe this so they can steal this energy from you.

As we ascend, we must heal this sexual programming. We are here to bring sacredness back to sex, the ultimate physical expression of union. The dark forces don’t want this to happen. Not only will they no longer be able to steal that energy from you, but you will reclaim it, using it to empower yourself! Sexual energy is a force for change and inner strength. Sexual energy is not just our passion in the bedroom but our passion for life! It’s the very energy of creation and many, including the dark, know that it can be harnessed for manifestation, in both positive and negative ways, depending on intention and vibration.

Stay aware of how sexual energy is being triggered and used by others, even under the guise of the twin flame label. The twin flame label is often misappropriated these days for peoples own motives. You have to use your inner judgment all the time. You want to protect that part of your energy and not allow others to take it. Sometimes we really have to look at things as it can be hard to discern through all the programing but if it feels low vibration, misogynistic (and many women have been sold hook, line and sinker into misogynistic culture through programming) or degrading of either partner or the act itself, beware. Is it felt in the genital area only or is it felt in the heart? Sacred sexuality is based in love and mutual respect. It’s the union of the god and goddess on Earth, lets reclaim this power!


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