Pure Love

Ours is the purest love of all
It shines a light in the dark,
not just for you and I
but on the World it leaves its mark!

Do not let your ego taint it
by telling you it’s wrong.
If it wasn’t meant to be
would you feel it so strong?

Would you feel your Beloved
not only in your heart but your soul?
This isn’t about lust
unconditional love is our goal.

Does the love that we share
lead to debauchery and sin?
Or does it shine the light of truth
clearing the shadows and fears within.

I’ve been working so hard,
healing so many sad lifetimes.
Putting the pieces of “us” back together
following all the many signs.

So give our love a chance to bloom
Please open up your heart.
Lets break away from the past,
for now is our brand new start.

Written with love by Marla Kelly
All rights reserved

Artwork by J.W. Waterhouse 1905

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#poetry #onelove #Twinstrology #MarlaKelly

5 Comments on “Pure Love”

  1. Dear Marla,
    I loved the poem..feel like reading it again and again! It isn’t really strange that even though I have not heard from my Twin in many years, I bring the lessons he catalyzed me to have forward to new relationships that now bring much joy. I know that I’m still on the Journey and that in “Divine Timing” will meet my Twin again. Then, I’ll be ready to experience us with less ego, and with the same awesome regard.

  2. This is so beautiful and true. Not only in my personal life, but as I imagine life and existence to be organized, this poem speaks to the/my core essence; pure love and light as who we are….but what distortion and misguided attempts am I creating through the imperfect lens of my personality as this light shines through me? It has been very difficult for me standing alone to see my own imperfection, and see where my lens is scratched and dirty, and how I am not manifesting pure love. I so much need another to allow their own imperfect light and love to shine through, and standing in that love, without demand, judgement or intellectual critique, “show” me where my work is. We become our own judge and jury. I imagine it might be the case with twin flames that our imperfections and love do not manifest in the same way, and we are able to help one another become brighter and more at home in living love, if we stand as individual flames in what we know in our heart to be our own true essence, both the light and the dark….the purity and the imperfection, and honestly look at that truth with an open mind and gracious heart. It helps so much for me to look at my imperfection if I know in my heart that there is someone there loving me and accepting me as I am, and I am able to stand in that same regard for them, and we are both able and willing to look at our words, thoughts, feelings and deeds with an open mind and open heart. What a gift when this is an experience.
    Thank you for opening your heart and mind in your blog. I appreciate it very much.

  3. Thank you for your beautiful poem you are such a guiding light of encouragement to us all. I know all your clients appreciate you so much.

  4. Beautiful poem. I love “Dear Divine Masculine” too. I come to your site whenever I need a little inspiration. Thank you for providing such heart-based guidance. Hope to connect with you in the new year. Happy Winter Solstice and Happy Holidays. xoxo

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