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What is QHHT?  Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy was developed by the late hypnotherapist and author Dolores Canon, who researched past life regression through hypnosis for 50 years.  QHHT can take you into the somnambulistic state of deep trance where you can connect with your past lives.

QHHT has several stages that we will move thru.  The first stage is the past life regression.  We will visit one or two past (or future, current or even between-life) lives to understand the lessons or how that lifetime is affecting you today.  Many of the patterns, habits, diseases, situations and relationships we experience today have their roots in other lifetimes.  Understanding these connections can assist us in shifting our lives today.  Your higher self is in control of the session and will show you a lifetime that is appropriate for your highest good.

The second stage involves connecting with your higher self or as Dolores called it, the subconscious.  Whatever term you use, this aspect of yourself knows everything about your souls journey and has access to all your akashic records. We will ask your higher self for healing of any physical, emotional or mental issues that are a concern for you.  

In the third stage, we will ask your higher self questions about your journey.  Many people ask about their life purpose, why they are here, why they chose particular life circumstances, understanding regarding soul mate connections and so much more!  This higher aspect of you is connected to all that is and can sometimes come through as a “council” or group of beings. Answers to these questions come directly from you as I am only facilitating the conversation with higher dimensional levels of YOU!    

QHHT can only be done in person as that was Dolores’ wish.  There is a level of connection that can only be achieved when working face to face and traveling for a session can be well worth it in terms of outcome.  Sessions take between 4-5 hours as I will work with you to get to the core of your concerns.  I am a level II QHHT Practitioner. In order to earn level II status, I have taken additional training in QHHT as well as completed a required amount of sessions. I received my training in QHHT, Beyond Quantum Healing and Introspective Hypnosis in 2019 and have facilitated over 100 sessions, both in person and online, since then.

In some cases, meeting in person is not possible and in those situations I offer a blend of Beyond Quantum Healing/Introspective Hypnosis sessions.  Beyond Quantum Healing is very similar to QHHT and was created by Dolores Canons student and friend, Candace Craw-Goldman. Introspective Hypnosis is a tool to help uncover and heal issues whether they are from a past or present life. I received my training in Introspective Hypnosis from Antonio Sangio and Alba Weinman. The majority of clients using online sessions will also visit past lives and can connect with their higher self or spirit guides for assistance. These systems of hypnosis allows flexibility, so I may infuse all my skills as a healer, such as energy work and intuitive abilities. Contact me to see if you would be a candidate for Introspective Hypnosis and what you will need to set up a session.

QHHT Sessions in person are $400 US.

BQH/Introspective Hypnosis Sessions online with Marla via Zoom are $400 US.

Please contact me at Twinstrology@yahoo.com or through the Contact button above to set up a session or ask a question.                

I am located in the Buffalo, NY area.  Contact me for local accommodations. Occasionally, I open for appointments when I am traveling.  Watch my website for details.

20 Comments on “QHHT Healing Sessions with Marla”

  1. I have been very interested in a QHHT session for some time, and would love one from you. However, I am in Chicago. Would you ever be able to do one here? Please let me know!

  2. I am very interested in both. I live in Northern Virginia though, and unless your guided to come here, I would either make the trip or we could do the other option online.
    I really believe I would only have you do this for me Marla. I’m a twin and have been on this path for awhile now. I’ve done a lot of work on myself but I think the next real step for me is to dissolve whatever timelines are still dominant in my energy that are not useful. Please let me know how we can further chat. 🙂

  3. Hi Marla, I’m interested on a BQH session. I follow you on YouTube for a while now. I have always wanted to do a regression but I know it needs to be the right person. I hope I can work with you and be able to book a session. Thank you for your time.

  4. I feel ready now to invest on myself. Let me know what’s the next step and I’ll follow. Thank you Marla.

  5. Aloha Marla,

    I am so thrilled that you offer this service. I have thought about doing this but didnʻt know where to go and only could think of Brian Weiss who is probably hard to make an appt. with. Anyway, my one concern is that I wonʻt be able to get into hypnosis because my brain moves to fast….What do you think?

    1. Some people, even though they have an active mind can go into hypnosis easily and some that meditate every day resist it. It is the ego that resists usually because there is fear about learning something negative. Actually my client in the above session was very nervous for this very reason but afterward realized it was unfounded. You can see she did great.

      A meditative practice can help. I say try it! The vast majority of people are successful with it. Regardless, you’ll get something out of it.

  6. Hi Marla I’m in watching Alice in coal for the last couple months and I am so interested in having a quantum healing session remotely is fine I’m assuming that’s how you did it with the video I’m watching now. So if you’re up for that and you have an availability let me know when you are available and the price of the session. Just in case I have to start saving up! I am in California. But I know you can do it remotely!! Thank you Laini

    1. Hello. Yes, I offer sessions in person and online. Sessions are $299 and I am currently scheduling for November. Please email me through my contact form to set something. Thank you!

  7. Hello, I am interested in the distant session since I live in another country. I would like to know, do you have any experience with people who have different mothertongue than english? Would it be possible?

    1. Thank you for inquiring. I have done sessions with non-English native speakers but most are fairly proficient in English. All them spoke English very well during the whole session without reverting back to their native tongues. It can be done as long as your grasp of the language is good.

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  9. I sure what I can recall will be of service to so many . I’ve responded to you before but it’s been awhile . Thank you so much for your sacrifice and service . I was an elder in Atlantis . And I ask for no help from anyone but I believe your services can bring out much . Thank you for your time .

  10. Hello I’m Marty I live close to Buffalo NY
    I’m looking to have past life regression
    To talk to my higher self so I can heal my body
    Wondering when I can make an appointment

  11. Hi Marla,
    I am interested in a Qhht session. Will you be travelling to Boston this summer. I am hoping to get to Buffalo at some point as well. Thank you in advance.

    Thank you,
    Maura Lawler

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