Rebalancing the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine

A lot of emotions are being felt right now as Mercury in retrograde joins Neptune. This will continue to be felt for the rest of the week as Mercury stations and prepares to go direct, crossing Neptune once again. If you feel like crying or have been thinking a lot about the past, lost love, lost chances and things that you wish were different it’s perfectly normal. Let the emotions flow through but don’t attach to them. There is a lot of healing through the emotional release. 

At the same time, we have tension coming from the Moon (think emotions) has it triggers Mars, which is square Venus/Black Moon Lilith/Karma. Not to mention the South Node closing in on Pluto and the Sun still near enough to Chiron to be felt. This emotional release is part of the rebalancing between the divine masculine and divine feminine that I talked about in my last video. 

Yes, these energies are intense but what I am being shown is the divine feminine becoming empowered as never before because the divine masculine is opening his heart to love. He is breaking down the barriers around his heart to let the divine feminine in and surrendering to deeper healing through her love. As he surrenders to that energy, deeper intuition and knowledge is opening to him and with it the inner guidance on how to make the changes needed to allow him to break free of his own karmic attachments. He is ready to take on the role of her protector once again.

For the divine feminine, she must use this new level of protection from him to be stronger then ever before, completely shattering any barriers or ties connected to the past. She will continue to push through in trust that the divine masculine has her. 

This adjustment is something that is going to take time and will be with us in the energy for a while. April will also have a lot of intensity as the past needs to be healed. Nor is it necessarily going to show up in your relationship today. Energy takes time to fully ground itself into this plane of existence but the shift is happening. This is an exciting change and a major step towards balance being restored. 

I would like to leave you with the song message I have received throughout this Mercury retrograde “Still Loving You” by the Scorpions.

Marla x

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  1. ..yes… love to be felt that protected again by him… a feeling I had never ever felt before, not even in my mother’s womb (as she was experiencing a lot of grief when she was pregnant). I can give it to myself now, I have found the Divine Parents within, but he gave it in the physical and I am certain we will experience this together again one day.

  2. I love that you shared this wisdom. It helps me keep the faith, be patient, hold the space for him while healing happens. Thank you for your spiritual guidance.

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