Saturn Rx for Twin Flames

This year holds many shifts for twin flames has their energies are becoming increasing aligned on the lower densities. Next week, Saturn, Venus and Jupiter join Pluto in retrograde. While it is difficult to separate the planetary energies from each other I would like to briefly share my take on Saturn. Saturn is the Lord of Karma and the material plane, and as such, oversees timing dynamics of the twin flame process especially in regard to the purification of karmic energies. 

One of the major karmic timelines Saturn will be shifting for the twin flame collective during this retrograde is fear of allowing oneself to be loved. The ego fear is that one is innately unlovable and not deserving of compassion or devotion, especially from that one most beloved of all. Yet, as one ascends into their soul empowerment one embraces self love and heals this 3rd dimensional program creating a more balanced understanding in not only the twin flame dynamic but in relationships in general.

This spreads into another area which is ones ability to allow the soul to express itself freely. It is the programming of rejection that inhibits self expression, without which, full soul embodiment cannot take place. Again, this becomes a block to expression of truth and love with the beloved and reverberates out onto interaction with all of society. Saturn will be assisting with this when he returns to Capricorn and delivers some final lessons in overcoming judgment and censorship from authority figures. Coupled with Venus Rx and a nodal transit in Gemini and then a Mars Rx in Aries, many will find that they can only resonate with being in full truth.

Each pair of twin flames are dealing with their own karmic problems which at times have felt impossible to overcome. Saturn in 2020 begins to deliver tangible directions in order to remove these karmic obstacles. This is especially true of the divine masculine energies that have seem chained to karmic relationships and financial pressures for a very long time. The planetary changes and higher vibrational frequencies will start to bring those long awaited puzzle pieces into alignment. 

Bear in mind that Saturn will turn direct with a square to Mars Rx in September. Information may not fully develop until Mars and Saturn are both once again moving direct. 

Saturn creates the perseverance that gives one the tenacity to continue the spiritual journey. I attended a wedding once where the priest talked about “love glue.” It was kind of comical at the time but Saturn is love glue. Saturn provides devotion, endurance and longevity to any undertaking and without Saturns help relationships often don’t last. It’s been a long and winding road for many twin flames and it can sometimes be hard to keep the faith through long periods of separation but don’t doubt that if any planet can turn dreams into reality, it is Saturn. 

In love and light,
Marla Kelly

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3 Comments on “Saturn Rx for Twin Flames”

  1. Thank you Marla what a wonderful piece. Very hard to keep going but i remember a reading a very long time ago which says “Persistence will win out in the end’ Saturn the planet of persistence and staying power. Will book my reading soon lots of love Jane

  2. Hi Marla, as I mentioned before my twin flame and I have been communicating more and on a much higher and truthful level. He continues to hold on to his karmic relationship but he knows the relationship has no life left in it. I haven’t seen my TF since the virus has changed everyone’s life. He would like to get together in the physical but I don’t want to until he faces the complete truth about his karmic relationship. So much has changed in my life and I no longer can tolerate being half way in on the physical level. I don’t want to hide our love any more. Thanks for sharing, once again this resonates 100% w me. I hope you and your family are staying healthy and safe ❤️.

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