Saturn Square the Nodes

Asteroid Oracle 10-10-16

This year is very challenging as we deal with clearing out old karmic patterns. Things have only been intensifying the last week. You may have felt a lot of painful, dark night of the soul energy. We had the full moon eclipse on Chiron last month and currently we have Saturn, the planet of karma, squaring the Nodes, which are also karmic. Saturn is on the Sabian symbol, “A widows past is brought to light”, emphasizing the focus on past lives. There is a suggestion of darkness being replaced with light, which is what is occurring now, but first we have to acknowledge the darkness.

Saturn rules your life path as does the Nodes of Destiny. There are shifts being created to push you towards your path but in order for you to fully open and allow the shift, you have to come to terms with your current limitations. Saturn is now showing you where these limitations are. That is why you are feeling stuck, angry and hurt. Many are feeling frustration with their twin flames as ego’s are triggered. You can be feeling hopeless, that you want to give up, that things will never change and you want to place the blame for this on an external source, your twin flame, because they are not supporting you. Yet, whenever you blame something external, you give your power away to something outside of yourself. This is what Saturn wants you to see right now. YOU hold the POWER. Your only limits are in your mind. They are your beliefs.

Venus is conjunct Juno in Scorpio and both are trine Chiron in Pisces. In a few days Venus will square asteroid Karma. How you love and partner is based on the wounds that you carry from previous incarnations and from earlier in this life. You can’t create unconditional love while still acting from these old patterns. Many are being shown what these old patterns are, usually codependency and modes of self protection. Witness what comes up and then release it. You can’t move forward unless you do.
You may feel the need to speak your truth as Mercury conjuncts Jupiter and squares Mars. Everyone is feeling like their philosophy is the right one. It’s best to avoid arguments, so I suggest you refrain from getting political. People are on edge and easily triggered because of the limits they already have to deal with.

Do what you can to keep your vibrations up and recognize that this is a necessary part of the journey right now. Soon you will have an opportunity to break free from your limitations when the full Moon in Aries conjuncts Uranus.

Marla x
Photo: Saturn Devouring His Children by Goya
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