Shadow and 5D

You don’t shift from asleep to awake without clearing your shadow. Not only do those waking up need to go through this integration process but most light workers are also still working on shadow, too. Additionally, we have stepped up clearing the collective shadow. 

You can hold a 5D frequency while still acknowledging shadow. It’s all in how it is approached. If you are feeling fear, guilt or shame when connecting with shadow energies then that is telling you that you are experiencing lower dimensions. If you can experience shadow and feel love and forgiveness, if you know that light and dark are one and all ultimately serve source, then you are in higher dimensions. 

We must be careful of spiritual bypassing. Unhealed or unacknowledged wounds are ultimately not compatible with higher dimensions and will have to be purged sooner or later. Let’s address some confusion people have around law of attraction. Many believe if you talk about the dark energy then you will only attract more dark energy. It is true that words carry power but ultimately vibration and intention is more powerful. Nor do we have to only use negative language when discussing shadow. Remember we love and accept the dark!

Myself and many others are here to help people awaken and that means doing shadow work. It’s like helping people over a bridge. I can stand on one side and encourage them to follow me over without having to stand on the other side with them. No shame needed just lovingly acknowledging what is in all. This is how we disentangle from our personal and collective karma while freeing our inner child.


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