Divine Feminine Solar Eclipse in Aquarius Reading

Happy Valentine’s Day! This is a special reading for the divine feminine around the energies of the Solar Eclipse in Aquarius. New beginnings are here but stay open to how the universe will deliver the new beginning to you and know that you can’t bring the past into this new energy. Many things can be healed if you are wiling to ask for help. Trust your inner guidance and find times of stillness so that you may hear what is being said to you.

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6 Comments on “Divine Feminine Solar Eclipse in Aquarius Reading”

  1. Absolutely correct Marla.. starting from the first card that came.feeling lonely & sad … to all.. the cards.. wishing you a happy Valentine’s day.. ????☯️

  2. Wow.
    My partner and I are going through a time and I almost ended things last night (giving up, losing faith, being frustrated blaming them). And he asked for help so sincerely it just shifted us so fast and I realized it was all my inner child and fear of abandonment … that Im feeling low self worth and not taking care of myself and as a result putting pressure on him!

    This reading was 100% what I needed today.

    Thank you Marla.

    Happy valentines!

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