Mission and Divine Calling for Twin Flames and Lightworkers: My Interview w/Debbie DuBois

I talked with Debbie DuBois about stepping into mission and Light Workers doing what they came came here to do.

Now is the time to start identifying skills, talents and abilities which are the foundation of why you came and what your divine works is on the planet. How to
turn that calling into abundance instead of looking at it as a hobby. Bringing professionalism to your business. Debbie talks about the new marketing model and the things you need to do to ensure you are able to work within it. Also talks about clearing blocks to abundance, creating your business resonance, and many other things.

Plus, I spend time interviewing Debbie, asking questions that her followers have been questioning regarding some of Debbie’s videos, clarifying concepts and Debbie delivers some interesting answers! This is a can’t miss video for anyone in the Lightworker community who is either in business for themselves or are looking to start one!

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