Summer Eclipse Cycle 2020

The Gemini New Moon has opened a karmic clearing cycle that will last throughout the summer. This will affect many twin flames. One of the major themes coming through is our ability to see all sides of situations. This is part of opening to divine union and beyond that, infinite oneness with source. As such, this cycle is going to create triggers. In addition to the eclipses, we are still in Venus retrograde and this is also activating past life situations. 

The best way to handle triggers is to directly confront them. The ego becomes very adept at avoiding triggers and even subconsciously creating situations where one attempts to hide from triggers by tiptoeing around situations carefully in order to avoid uncovering those buried emotions. One might even tell themselves that they are doing well because they aren’t experiencing triggers when what is happening is the energy is being walled up. You can’t move forward with these walls of energy blocks in place. You’ll also keep recreating the same cycle until it’s actually confronted. So don’t fear triggers, they are there to help move the energy through.

Victimization is something that will come up for many. These are situations in which you feel like others take advantage of you. At this juncture, it’s important to see these different scenarios. In the creation of your own reality, there is no victimization. This can play out in ways where you are still giving your power away and where you have felt at the mercy of other people or even the universe. You feel helpless to do anything. Look deep and see if this is really coming from an inability to confront inner fears or something about the repressed self. 

Falling back into old patterns, especially in relationships, is another energy that may be experienced. You may not have realized up till this point that you are still replaying old patterns and there is likely to be projecting involved, meaning that instead of seeing your role in the situation, you project the emotional attachment to the other person. 

Third party energy is another way that karmic cycles are being rebalanced. This can include romantic and family relationships. The third energy can be part of both scenarios above. This is going to be different then previous cycles because of the need to see other sides of these patterns.

What this means is that if you tend to play the victim, you will understand that you have also been the victimizer. This is so you can see the other side. Especially in the twin flame dynamic, when we feel like the other person is victimizing us by not doing what we want or with holding love from us, not only does that block energy, it doesn’t create balance. Instead, one sees the other as the problem.

In the same way, if you are stuck in an old pattern and projecting that, you are stuck in a loop. In some cases, you may be accusing your twin of not moving forward when it is you that is also cycling that old energy. You may feel angry that the other person isn’t seeing your growth, when you may not being seeing the other persons growth and change. Instead, you keep each other trapped in the same old energy. 

For the past few months I’ve been seeing third party energies shifting but what has surprised me since Venus retrograde is that what is developing is that the divine feminine is still carrying patterns of third party situations. For many this will involve past lives, or previous relationships in this life that are unhealed but some are still in third party situations themselves in 3D. Many of those in the 3D are still projecting onto the divine masculine for not leaving their karmic relationships. Whatever your particular situation is, you are likely to be shown how it is not just your twin, but you that is still being affected by third party energy. 

This approximate three month cycle is going to be full of aha moments has one realizes their deeper projections and shifts into understanding their situations better and their own roles in how these are playing out. This is all part of seeing the other persons point of view and recognizing the hidden motivations better which then enables deeper union as those energy walls are released. 

On the positive side of working through this energy, it is the next stage of bring about reunions. When the third party situations are solved from the divine feminine perspective, then the divine masculine will start to get deeper realizations for their own issues. 

Communication between twin flames also wants to open more. When you see the other persons side, wounds and karmic cycles stemming from your connected past lives, it creates a balanced view and removes fears and blame that can get in the way of open communication.

In my last twin flame reading I talked about liberation through removing old heavy energy. This is part of the souls liberation for deeper higher self embodiment. When you carry energy blocks from the above areas, then you are still at the mercy of others and that limits embodiment. 

The work that the collective has done on facing the shadow self is integral to this energy because in order to go into this place of self, you have to be open to seeing your own flaws and times you may have made poor choices. At the same time, it is necessary to forgive yourself for the past. When you claim your sovereignty, all the above situations must disintegrate. 

Marla x

The image is a crystal grid which I have activated to help us clear the old energy and activate new timelines. 

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