Summer Solstice: Third Energy Tipping Point

We will usher in the Summer Solstice on June 21 (EST). The light overcomes the dark. I have been speaking of the third energy grounding for close to a year and I am seeing that at the Solstice some will reach a tipping point and begin to see what they have been manifesting with their twin flame in the higher dimensions starting to take tangible form. Whatever form you have chosen to ground this energy is what will bring you into union. However, the work is not done! We are required to ascend through continuing to embody our higher self, being authentic, living from the heart and having faith. Through this process you will see you are a master creator!

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Meet me in person at the Twin Flames Together Workshop in Aurora, Illinois where we can assist you in making this shift.
Seating is limited so book your tickets soon…this event is open to everyone regardless of twin flame status and also those that aren’t twin flames but looking to ascend.

Thank you for watching…love and blessings!

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