Pure Love

Ours is the purest love of all It shines a light in the dark, not just for you and I but on the World it leaves its mark! Do not let your ego taint it by telling you it’s wrong. If it wasn’t meant to be would you feel it so strong? Would you feel your Beloved not only in … Read More

Ancient Memories

We are so different, I wear the softest buckskin, You wear a breastplate of armor. I lead you deep into the forest beside the river. My spirit beckons you to be free and playful. We chase each other and laugh. We reach a clearing on a hill, my sacred space. Suddenly, we become solemn and hold hands. As we look … Read More

Dear Divine Masculine….

I know you want to control everything but right now you need to trust me. I know where we are going and it’s beautiful and free! I know you want to protect me You want to guard me from being too open but that also prevents me tumbling head first into love with you! And I need to love you! … Read More

Mutual Support

Look up in the night sky, you’ll find me there. Your North Star, your compass, your guiding light. When you feel lost, follow me, for I am leading you home. No matter which direction you go, I am always there. When clouds roll in, creating darkness and obscuring my light, find me in your minds eye. My directions are within … Read More

Masculine Soul

You have intelligence that leaves me in awe, but that is not what draws me to you. You have wit that makes me laugh, but that is not what charms me. You have physical beauty beyond my wildest desires, but that is not what attracts me to you. It’s your soul that has eternally captured me. Innocence and playfulness balanced … Read More

Beyond Time

There is a place I go it’s the past and the future all at once Yet beyond space and time A portal to the universe You meet me there to commune in divine love Healing what has gone before The heartaches of past lives Separation through death and illusion and hurt and fears of the child within Bringing through the … Read More


I know what you tell yourself, “She has abandoned me..” You use these words has an excuse to fortify your defenses The darkness you dwell in has deluded your senses You have abandoned yourself by keeping me out due to fear You hide behind walls 10 feet thick Those walls which you believe keep you safe also keep you cold … Read More


Hypnotized You looked like anyone else but your eyes set you apart black, bottomless, hypnotizing. A moment frozen in time all dimensions converging upon a single point. The universe contained within a mirror to my soul I felt my heart stirring. Never to return again to that trustworthy beat that I had always known before. The rock solid place I … Read More

Bitter-Sweet Separation

  We don’t need to be separated This life is our chance for freedom The sweet escape The reward for all the rest How ironic that after all the pain The lifetimes of sacrifice That this ache is what appears normal Like a comfortable old shoe The crushing pain in the chest Like the embrace of a long lost friend … Read More