Tarot Readings

Readings are emailed as a private video. Times vary. Please send me an email either through my contact form or at Twinstrology@yahoo.com as soon as you purchase so I have your contact details. ***Please note: I am currently booked 6-8 weeks out. Readings are done in the order in which they are received. Thank you.***

Sacred Union Tarot Reading

This reading is designed for you and a partner and determines what the current energies are between you. What issues are challenging you both, what is your focus, where is growth or healing occurring and what type of energy is ahead for you. You can choose to see what messages come through for you or you can send me one or two questions or concerns you are having and I will try to address it. I understand twin flame dynamics and that means I understand the periods of separation. You do not need to be in contact with your partner to choose this reading. You do need to have a partner in mind for this reading though so if you are still searching for your soul mate, please choose the Celtic Cross with a love focus. After purchasing, please email your name, your partners first name or nickname and your specific question if you have one. If you have pictures you’d like to include they are sometimes helpful but not necessary. I will record the reading as a private video and send you the link. Readings are approximately 60 minutes.

Celtic Cross

Ten cards that show past, present and future issues. This reading is for one individual but we can put a certain emphasis on it, such as career, love or your spiritual path. This reading is approximately 50-60 minutes.

Diverging Path

Do you have a difficult decision to make? This ten-card reading will give you guidance on two possible directions. Please know that Spirit doesn’t always give definite answers because the final decision always rests with YOU. We can, however, see things you need to consider for each path. This reading is approximately 30 minutes.


This website and any reading given is for entertainment purposes only. This information should not be used by you to replace any professional advice.