Taurus Full Moon: Zero Point Reset

Wow! The energy of the upcoming full moon has been coming on strong all week. As one of my friends said to me this morning, “All aboard the trigger train.” Triggers are certainly plentiful right now as the fixed cross energy of Venus Rx, Uranus, and the Nodes move into tighter formation and prepare to be activated by the Sun/Moon opposition. Some of those triggers show us what is still blocking love and unity and some are assisting with emotional releases.  This is important because the full moon is creating a shift that opens the door to a zero point reset.  The zero point is source energy and everything exists there in the space of oneness but in order to get there, we need to be free of limitations and living in our hearts.

Let’s consider Uranus in Taurus conjunct the Moon. Ancient patterns are surfacing from karmic stories that have left us with deeply ingrained emotional reactions. These patterns have become second nature and are ones that are really hard to break free of. Releasing these patterns is a long term project as Uranus will be in Taurus for many years but because of the current opposition from Venus Rx in Scorpio and the square to the Nodes, those patterns that are standing between us and the purpose of Venus Rx, namely a balanced inner masculine and feminine and heart based relationships, are being triggered for clearing.

The Sabian symbol for the upcoming Full Moon is, “An electrical storm illuminates the heavens and the forests.” Uranus had previously occupied this degree for a while. We can expect flashes of insight and emotions that erupt unexpectedly. Emotional release is necessary right now as part of the clearing we are going through so don’t hold back from feeling them. If we repress emotions, which too many people have been doing, those old emotional patterns can seethe under the surface, never fully being dealt with. While feeling and acknowledging the emotions helps us clear them and come into a more balanced state while breaking down the karmic pattern.

Interestingly, the South Node is also on a Sabian symbol about storms, “An unexpected thunderstorm.” The South Node correlates with our past lives giving us further confirmation that old patterns will be triggered. We can also expect that relationships that no longer have anything to offer us will be tense and possibly erupt into arguments without much provocation. The asteroid Pandora is conjunct the South Node so now more than ever you might be willing to look at the truth of those relationships, and really, for those on the ascension path, turning a blind eye is no longer an option.

The Sabian symbol for Uranus is, “A clear mountain stream flows steadily downstream.” Uranus is that sudden flash of lightening that can awaken us to the patterns. They need to be understood to let them go. The sabian is confirmation of the current purification process we are in. Self care is a must right now! Uranus is retrograde and will soon shift back into Aries to fortify us with courage to break out.

Venus and the Sun are in Scorpio, the sign of initiation. Since Scorpio is where we repress and bury all our fear, guilt and shame it has to be cleared out otherwise we would continue to live in the land of projections. These projections are getting clearer and clearer to us as our third eyes have been expanding exponentially since May, not just in the light worker community but also within the greater collective.

Feelings that might come up with Venus in Scorpio are obsession, possessiveness, jealousy, over giving, issues of power and the inability to let go. Venus in Scorpio can often be conflicted because she dearly wants to merge with another, to find that special soul mate and enjoy transcendent intimacy yet subconscious fears can keep her secretive, manipulative and struggling with letting down her barriers to love. The opposition to Uranus and aspects to the Full Moon can intensify the need for freedom, not just freedom in relationships but freedom to be oneself even with all the karmic baggage as we slowly grow to love and accept the person we are, flaws and all.

Ultimately, Venus in Scorpio loves so deeply she is willing to risk laying her heart open even if that brings the pain of heartbreak. How can we hope to develop sacred partnerships if we aren’t willing to let down our guard and love openly, holding nothing back? This fixed cross/full moon wants to clear away the walls. As the North Node prepares to shift into Cancer next month, the final integrations of the Leo transit encourages us move out of our minds and into our hearts once and for all. That shift will be important to help us navigate through the Cancer/Capricorn axis over the next year.

Venus Rx is also testing us on unity consciousness. Because Venus in Scorpio so strongly desires merging with her soulmate, the feelings of separation can be intensified. I see many people being triggered back into separation consciousness now. This is also about walls but in a broader sense. In order to feel oneness with all we have to look at the fears, guilt and shame within that often wants to keep the other person separate so we can blame them for our pain and failures rather than making ourselves accountable. Those who have chosen to awaken can no longer live under the illusion of separation. The day of the full moon the Sabian symbol for Venus is, “A youth holding a lighted candle in a devotional ritual gains a sense of the great ‘other world.’” We have seen beyond the veil and there is no going back. We are committed to the path of enlightenment.

Isis and Osiris are forming a conjunction at the full moon that will perfect on October 28. These asteroids are helping us reach inner union of the masculine and feminine and thus healing the separation wound so we can fully align with unity consciousness. You can read my full article on the Isis/Osiris conjunction here:

One other element of this full moon/Venus Rx is abundance. Venus rules finances and the Taurus/Scorpio axis is about money, ours and other peoples. Many are experiencing financial triggers around money fears. This is part of switching over from karmic cycling to co-creators. As co-creators we live in the moment, that means dropping fears. My friend Naglaa Elshamy put it very well when she said to me recently, “Accumulation of money is not abundance.” Indeed, abundance as co-creators will come from living in joy and freedom not holding cash and material goods in order to create a false sense of security. This is another aspect of Uranus in Taurus as this transit will help shift us away from materiality and into the present moment by anchoring us into our senses.

This full moon is really a game changer. Everything is aligning to shift us fully into being co-creators with the universe. In order to do that we are required to break the old patterns and limitations, balance our inner masculine and feminine, see our own fears and projections and live in our hearts! The triggers are guiding each of us to our own brand of limitations. Over and over in my readings the last few weeks, the message has been ‘new beginning.” I am shown that this new beginning is bringing us to the zero point field enabling rapid manifestation but only when we have realized oneness and sovereignty. So embrace the triggers of this full moon knowing that the realizations and releases are bringing us one step closer to our destiny.

Written by Marla Kelly
October 19, 2018

Image courtesy of Carole Jameson

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  1. Thanks a lot Marla! It’s impossible to tell how much you’re helping us! We’re really gifted. Much love to you ❤❤

  2. Thank you for this valuable guidance, Marla. And for going through the upcoming full moon chart. And for giving us the Sabian symbols. So appreciated , and none too soon for me! Love, Sally

  3. I was admiring the picture you used. I took that?!! Thank you for using it, Marla, and reminding me how beautiful she is!

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