What My Client’s Say…

The Intuitive Birth Chart Reading from Marla was everything I had hoped for and more. Since I know my natal chart very well I had high expectations. Marla’s organized approach and ability to channel information from my Higher Self enabled her to go straight to the heart of the matter. She honed in on core wounds it is time for me to heal in order to progress on my journey of soul ascension. She addressed key themes I have been facing as a Starseed and Twin Flame based on what I wrote to her in an email and what is in my chart. The reading is unique due to Marla’s ability to weave chart interpretation, tarot cards and High Self guidance in meaningful manner. The reading was coherent, well organized and profound. It provided me with timely insights and tools for steps forward. Marla is knowledgeable, kind and compassionate. Her ability to communicate your core wounds in a gentle and loving manner paves the way for healing to begin. You know a reading hits the mark when there is very little resistance and yet it rings true on a deep soul level. An eclectic skill set differentiates Marla from some other intuitive guides. I am so grateful for the reading. I will listen to it many times. I recommend a reading highly.S.C.
Wow Marla! haha I feel that most of your feedback emails must start with “Wow Marla.” This was again so profoundly amazing and helpful. I’m so glad I found your work, it brought so much clarity at the right moment. I’ve had other chart readings but never anything that comes even close to this. I went back to it a couple of times now and keep finding guidance there. And the relationship reading gave me the insights that I needed and a lot of things are making sense now, I feel a lot is still going to come out of it, like things falling into place, your reading is tremendously helpful. Looking forward to getting readings for my kids too.
I’m so grateful. J.A.
Marla’s Soul Reading for me and my twin was extremely touching and very spot on in terms of what I’m going through right now, and the things in my life that I know that I need to work on. She went over my chart, my twins, and our synastry chart. I felt that the reading really tuned into my true self, as well as that of my twin and how our relationship was before separation, and its reasons for entering separation. I can say with complete honesty that she took time and care with the reading and focused on the points within our charts that she felt were most relevant to my circumstances. As many of you reading this may have found, Marla’s general readings on the website give solace to the trying periods of separation, and this personal reading for me took this all a step further. Definitely not an ordinary synastry reading, and I have had those done before. Looking forward to working with her again. R.L.
I just wanted to contact you and let you know that after a year and a half of pain, growth, and healing, my twin reached out to me and we are talking again!!!! Your previous personal reading was spot on and all your advice and support has been a blessing to me. This is the most happiest time of my life and I’m so grateful for this and I’m grateful for you. Thank you for what you do and many many blessings to you!!!D.R.
My 8-year-old son and I recently had an astrology reading with Marla. Total mic drop and completely blown away! Marla shared details, themes and guidance in an approachable and accessible way that my son and I easily understood and took straight to heart. While we know it’s something that will keep unfolding, we’ve both seen a shift in acceptance, encouragement and just a plum deepening of the love we share. It feels like an extraordinary, beautiful playbook that we will come back to again and again throughout our lives. Best mom-son gift ever!Julian & Dana
I wanted to give myself a gift with purchasing Marla’s intuitive birth chart reading, and what a gift it was. Marla provided such in depth insight into the astrological placements in my chart and how they relate to previous incarnations. A lot of what she was intuitively picking up on confirmed the knowledge I had received in my ayahuasca journeying. Her intuition, guidance and insight are clear, detailed, and spot on. Thank you, Marla!O.E.
I waited almost ten weeks for a Sacred Union Tarot Reading with Marla and it was completely worth the wait. I have had other readings that have actually been more expensive and not half as thorough or intuitively guided. She confirmed some key things for me and more importantly showed me two or three major areas that I need to focus on to move ahead. I love her readings to the collective so I expected it to be good. It far surpassed my already high expectations. She is the best!Ann
“OMG Marla, you are completely dead on with me. Dead on. Every single thing. The best reading I have EVER had.. and I have had a ton. Not only technical but intuitively. Your take on my partner is spot on.
I actually was going to cancel the reading this morning (after separation)… but I am glad I didn’t. Very insightful and helps me understand him much better and where he is coming from.
The joint horoscope is dead on.. I could go on forever.. about every single thing. Yes! I am learning to let go for sure.. life is a continual learning process. I will be listening to this at least 20 times.”E.B.
I had been listening to the energy readings of Marla Kelly and found I related to most of most she said so I decided to have a reading. I have been on my own spiritual journey for 25 years and the Twin Flame journey for five years. It is not an easy path as all Twin Flames would know. My reading with Marla was wonderful in every respect explaining issues I need to work on and most importantly the present energy of my Twin Flame
and things he needs to work on which are totally correct.

Marla is the most wonderful person doing what she came to earth to do and that is helping us Twin Flames sorting out our pain and confusion.
I highly recommend her in every respect. not only she is beautiful outside but inside as well.

Jane M.
“I have listened to the reading, and this reading for me is really a life defining moment.

You described my experience with the Kundalini and a lot of my thought patterns better than I could! I was amazed that I felt a strong presence while listening to your reading, and I’m sure I will be listening to it many times to further digest the subtle meanings. There was a comforting warmth that filled the reading.

There seemed to be a subtle communication beyond the words that you verbally said, which I cannot explain, in the sense, something in me was resonating the whole time. It was as if something within me was making you the channel to communicate with my conscious mind, like a mirror. In another sense, it seems the reading has opened up a new door of my own intuition about my life purpose, and it resonates with my Core. I don’t have words to express how grateful I am.”S.M.

Marla has a unique way of reading into us that I have never seen in any other astrologer the reading was not only intuitive it was literally psychic on its accuracy.

I have two daughters that are becoming teenagers and I had started to feel frustrated in how to connect with each of them as they are changing so fast. She read my astrology and then overlaid it onto each of my children’s charts.

I sat with each of them as we listened to Marla’s amazing reading. Each one of my daughters and I had such a healing experience. It brought a lot of clarity into what we struggle with as well as a sense of past life connection and our spiritual mission in our lives together.

It was so profound that it brought instant harmony into our home and a new level of respect for each other. I was very impressed how my girls were able to see themselves in a way that I could never show them as their mother. But since it is literally written in their stars they were able to process what their personal strengths are and how to embody that in this life. It gave us all more compassions and patience with each other.

Having a family astrology reading is like getting a map into your home dynamic and why you are put together with these people as well as shining a light on a way through some of those stubborn personality struggles that don’t seem to change. This is a must for any family dynamic. My reading of my family left an imprint of understanding and awareness that changes our relationship forever.Althea Neustaedter

“Marla Kelly has shown great strength and insight in her work through her knowing abilities that are continuously opening every day. Her knowledge of astrology is in pure alignment with her higher self. Working with Marla has been a pleasure. She has proven in her work that she understands the elements of the relationship with the planetary functions while dancing in the stars. I look forward to working with Marla now and in the future and recommend her to anyone looking for a natal chart or any other kind of reading. I back Marla in her credibility 100%.”Keleena Malnar, USA 8.27.2016
“I have received many readings before and I can truly say that Marla’s readings are fabulously accurate, always positive and extremely encouraging. I love being able to go back and listen whenever I need a boost. They are always a source of encouragement, guidance, clarity and direction on this beautiful Twin Flame journey. My journey would not be same without her wonderful insight. I am humbled by her and her gifts, she is truly a treasure.”
Amy F.
“Marla Kelly is incredible to work with. She masterfully and brillantly weaves her fine-tuned psychic sense with her strong and detailed knowledge of astrological phenomena, translating for her client’s highest good. Marla gives specific and honest feedback, providing the perfect encouragement exactly where needed, balanced with the most honest and loving direction for how to improve one’s situation and to maximize the potential of one’s opportunity for transformation. Marla operates with a humility and love for her clients that is so special, and I have consistently been impressed with her ability to direct me to the heart and specifics of my journeys’s challenges and joys in the past year. I would recommend Marla without hesitation for any sort of intuitive or astrological consultation, she is one of the best. Thank you Marla for enriching my life!”Ahna S. / Stardustinfinite.com
“Marla is an intuitive astrologer. She did my natal chart and a relationships synastry. I felt that she really took the time to look at the finer details and share what I needed to know. I appreciate her warmth, kindness and willingness to answer my questions. I would recommend anyone wanting to get insight through astrology, to get a reading from Marla.”Christine S.
“I want to thank Marla Kelly for the astrology chart she did for me. I had asked her to do a synastry reading for me with my business partner (two charts overlayed to see how they relate) because our business was getting ready to really take off and I wanted to make sure I was truly moving in the right direction. In the process, I connected some really huge dots in my own life, learning some things I had always suspected but did not know for sure. I was very much affected by this reading!

AND, I received the confirmation I was seeking about my partnership. Marla’s reading was delivered in video format, in a nice easy to digest pace that left me lots of time and space to really relate to what she was saying and allowed me to connect more dots. In additional to regular planetary astrology, she read asteroids and comets, as well as Sabian symbols which told so much additional information. I must say that the reading was one of the greatest reasons this video was made. Thank you Marla, again! Love you sistar of the Light.”Debbie Saffer DuBois, www.truesacredunion.com

“Marla’s astrology reading was incredible accurate. I was amazed at what she picked up on. She is also a genuine, caring person that continues to help me understand where I am at in life.”Maria S.
“Dear Marla, Once again thank you very much for your beautiful reading. I am so thankful and grateful to you for this. I can relate to everything you said and there is no question left about your reading. A lot of issues are becoming very clear to me right now. I needed this reading as a confirmation to what I already knew or felt about myself and my life. It gives me so much power and courage to go for what I want and stand for who I really am. I am doing a lot of cleaning in my life right now and your reading is showing me that I am on the right path. There are still a few dirty corners to clean but I know where to look up now.”
Ana P.
“Marla and I have been working together for a little more than a year. And it’s been a busy and intense year! The natal chart was our first project and what a chart! I felt like Marla was reading through the stars and wrote down my history although we had never met. It was overwhelming and as her image warm and caring. Since then I grew with Marla by my side to advise me and make me stronger and wiser. We have worked on different readings and every time it felt like she pierced the secrets of my life. Marla is a guide and is a reader of the universe and our master plans. She had become a friend someone I can relate to and share my thoughts. Her work is the most descriptive and honest and caring I have seen.”Cynthia G.